Best skating shoes Roller Adjustable स्केटिंग शूज 2021

skating shoes

Best skating shoes Roller Adjustable स्केटिंग शूज 2021

Skating is one of the best hobbies for kids – as it will teach them to balance and improve body flexibility. To perform skating safely, you need a good pair of roller skates. The wrong choice not only causes discomfort but also hinders performance and leads to potential accidents.In order to choose the best roller skate in India, we recommend considering below factors

With the rise in demand for health and fitness, many brands have come with new innovations and failed to match the customer wants. Hence we have come up with these inline skates in India which focus on the top 5 inline skates which are totally suitable for the Indian environment.

Skating is one of the most treasured outdoor and indoor activities. It is profoundly suggested you skate with quality skating equipment to prevent damages. Choosing the right skates is, nevertheless, a bit difficult and that’s why we’ve evaluated.

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Best skating shoes Roller Adjustable स्केटिंग शूज 2021

Boots बूट्स

Boots of the roller skates should match the frame size perfectly. If not, you will experience pain and discomfort while skating. Roller skates mostly come in wither high or low boots. Higher boot provides more balance, control, and support to ankles. Low profile boots are mostly found in recreational models like racing or roller derby. They provide excellent freedom and ease of movement.

If you are beginner or purchasing a kid, then consider hard boots as they are durable and can handle more wear and tear. Soft boots are flexible and provide great comfort. However, they provide less support, especially to ankle. And moreover, they can easily get damaged as well.

Bearings बीयरिंग

Bearings play an important role in terms of performance and speed. So, you have to pay special attention while purchasing them. If you choose a cheap quality one, it can hinder your performance. And moreover, it has less lifespan as well. Quality of bearing is usually determined by ABEC. Model with higher ABEC rating is sophisticated and smooth. And it also represents resistance to dust, dirt and water. Ideal ABEC rating for roller skates is considered as 5 to 7.

Sturdy and Attractive Design मजबूत और आकर्षक डिजाइन

Everyone gets attracted to the roller skates that have attractive design and crazy color combinations. The durable quality roller skating brands should be your top choice while purchasing the product. Because, the high-end models work well and lasts longer compared to low quality roller skates. 

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Price and Warranty कीमत और वारंटी

This bring us to the end of buying guide session i.e. price and warranty information.  Just like any other product, you set the budget limit and accordingly pick the appropriate model for the specific needs. 

If you are on a high budget, go with the advanced models that come with more flexible options. Otherwise, opt for the basic roller skate brands. So, it’s an individual’s choice to come with the right decision while buying the roller skate online. You should also look after the warranty information given by the manufacturer which typically varies from 6 months to 24 months.

Best skating shoes Roller Adjustable स्केटिंग शूज 2021

Types प्रकार

Rollers skates are available in two types Incline and Quad.

  • Quad – It has 4 wheels – 2 placed at front and 2 at the back. They are best suitable for beginners, especially kids as they are more stable and provide better stability.
  • Inline – It has 4 to 5 wheels placed in a single line. They are best suited for professionals and adults as they are specially designed for speed skating

Size आकार

Choosing right size shoes roller skaters is very important because – If skates are loose, then maintaining balance is difficult and can lead to possible accidents. If skates are too tight, then discomfort caused by it can hinder your performance.

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  • Adults – Size of skates for adults is same as their normal shoe number. You can choose better running or sneaker design based on your convenience.
  • Kids – Because of their growing age, parents generally purchase one size bigger than their general shoe number. However, this can be dangerous as already mentioned above. We recommend going for adjustable roller skates for kids.

Other factors to consider are wheels, durability, frame, bearings and boot design. We have clearly mentioned then in our 

Different Styles Of Roller Skates रोलर स्केट्स की विभिन्न शैलियाँ

Now that we have taken a good look at the types of roller skates let us look at the different styles.

Artistic Skates: Artistic roller skates generally use the quad type of skates. The skates use a leather boot with a higher top. It allows the wearer to move around more freely. There is also a robust soleplate and a jump bar. The plate consists of strong material as it should withstand shock when the user jumps and lands on their feet. Typically, the sole of the shoes is stainless steel or aluminum due to their robust nature. Some shoes also come with a toe stop which enables specific actions that involve take-off. Some artistic skates also come in the inline variant. These typically employ the use of toe stops.

Speed Skates: As the name suggests, the primary use of speed skates is to attain too high speeds. For this reason, they use a shoe instead of a boot. A shoe offers better ankle compression when you compare it to a boot. This design helps in moving around corners more easily. The bearings that the skates use also allow you to skate for a longer duration.

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Best skating shoes Roller Adjustable स्केटिंग शूज 2021

Roller Derby Skates: Roller derby is a traditional sport that is gaining a lot of popularity. The sport mandates the use of quad roller skates. As we have already seen, quad skates provide greater control and stability. Roller derby skates include boots that are both small and tall.  

Jam Skates: jam skates typically come with boots that are very low in height. Low-cut boots enable the user to move quickly and provide greater control as well. Jam skating is a popular sport that includes dance, gymnastics, and roller skating. People play the sport using roller skates.

Outdoor SkatesAs the name suggests, outdoor skates are meant for outdoors. Since outdoor skating may involve surfaces that are rough and uneven, the wheels use a softer material. The material allows for better shock absorption to provide the rider with a comfortable experience. The cut of outdoor skates is a mid-level cut that ensures excellent stability and comfort at the same time. These skates come in both the quad and inline variants.

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Best skating shoes Roller Adjustable स्केटिंग शूज 2021

Indoor Skates: The indoor skates are meant for indoor activities. People use indoor skates in skating rinks, for dancing and other indoor activities. They feature a higher boot and narrow wheels that allow for better movement on sharp turns. Indoor skates come in both the quad and inline variants.

Jasper Tenacity Senior Roller Skates 

Jaspo Tenacity Adjustable Senior Roller Skates Suitable for Age Group 6 to 14 Years (Black)

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  • Type – Quad
  • Wheel Material – Polyurethane
  • Can Skate on – Roads and Rinks
  • Bearing – ABEC-7
  • Plate Material – Lightweight fiber
  • Ideal for – six to fourteen years of age
  • Budget – Under 1000

The Jaspo Tenacity Senior Roller Skates is an excellent product offering by Jaspo. It comes in at a great budget-friendly price point of under one thousand. These quad rolling skates pack in some great features. For starters, it uses a lightweight fibre chassis that you can easily adjust. It makes the product one of the best roller skates for wide flat feet.

The adjustment ranges from twenty-one to twenty-seven centimetres. Another excellent feature of this product is the ABEC-7 bearings. It not only provides a smooth ride but ensures adequate control and stability as well. The product also comes with anti-vinyl skid wheels that make it one of the best roller skates for beginner children. A unique feature of this product is that it comes in nine different colours. You can be sure to find a colour that you like.

Best skating shoes Roller Adjustable स्केटिंग शूज 2021

The lightweight design not only makes it excellent for children, but it can support individuals as heavy as ninety kilograms. Adjustable toe stoppers are another great feature that makes braking easier. An easy-to-use lace system and nylon straps make sure that you can get the best possible fit. All of these great features make the Jaspo Tenacity Senior one of the best roller skates for the money.

Jasper Pro-10 Roller Skates 

Jaspo pro-10 Quad Shoe Skates (Orange, 4 UK(Foot Length 24.4 cms))

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  • Type – Quad
  • Wheel Material – PVC
  • Can Skate on – Roads and Rinks
  • Bearing – Customised precision steel
  • Plate Material – Nylon
  • Ideal for – both boys and girls
  • Budget – Under 2000

Here’s another excellent product by the famous sports manufacturer Jaspo. Coming in at a price point of under two thousand, it targets the mid-tier price segment. These roller skates have several excellent features. Firstly, they make use of super-soft leather boots.

The design of the shoes makes them ideal for speed skating. There is also a speed strap that comes with the shoes. Another great feature is the lightweight nylon plates that not only ensure excellent stability but allow high-speed skating. Customized precision steel ball bearings are another unique feature. It makes the product one of the best roller skates for freestyle. The upper material of the product also uses superior quality leather.

Best skating shoes Roller Adjustable स्केटिंग शूज 2021

The product comes in four different wheel colours, namely, orange, blue, yellow and green. It also comes in several different sizes—these range from 1 UK to 10 UK. Junior 11 UK, 12 UK and 13 UK are other sizes that it comes in. With all these excellent features, the Jaspo Pro-10 is one of the best roller skates for concrete.

Nivia Super Inline Skates 

Nivia Super Inline Skates, 36-39

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  • Type – Inline
  • Wheel Material – Polyurethane
  • Can Skate on – Roads and Rinks
  • Bearing – ABEC-5
  • Plate Material – Aluminium
  • Ideal for – both boys and girls
  • Budget – Under 6000

The Nivia Super Inline Skates is an excellent product by the famous sports manufacturer Nivia. It comes in at a price point of under six thousand, thereby targeting the premium price segment. Talking about the features of the product, it uses ABEC-5 carbon steel bearings. It provides excellent ruggedness and stability. These bearings are also extremely long-lasting which makes these roller skates one of the best roller skates for long-distance.

The product also comes with polyurethane wheels that are 80 mm in size. A high-quality aluminum frame structure makes this inline rolling skate one of the best roller skates for the outdoors. There is also a built-in braking system at the rear end of the product.

The soft and comfy nature of the shoe makes it extremely comfortable to wear for more extended periods. You can use the Nivia Super Inline Skates for both indoor and outdoor skating. All of these great features make the Nivia Super Inline Skates one of the best roller skates for ramps

Nivia Pro Speed 2.0 Rolling Skates 

PRO Speed 90 (2.0) Skate Size Large

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  • Type – Inline
  • Wheel Material – Polyurethane
  • Can Skate on – Roads and Rinks
  • Bearing – ABEC-7 Chrome Steel
  • Plate Material – Reinforced Aluminium
  • Ideal for – professionals
  • Budget – Under 6000

The Nivia Pro Speed 2.0 is an excellent inline roller skate offering by the Nivia brand. It comes in at an expensive price tag of under six thousand and is one of the best roller skates for professionals. The product comes in black and yellow.

The lightweight nature of the product makes it an excellent candidate for recreational skating. Apart from this, it comes with super smooth gel wheels. It not only allows you to skate faster but provides excellent control as well. The shoes come with a reinforced polymer for stability. It makes them one of the best roller skates for roads.

The Nivia Pro Speed is an ideal candidate for both roads and rinks. Apart from this, it includes a mesh cloth vamp as well for better comfort for your heels. All of these features make the Nivia Pro Speed one of the best roller skates for men.

Cosco Tenacity Super Jr Quad Roller Skates(3-6 Years)

Cosco Tenacity Super Jr.Quad Roller Skates(3-6 Years)

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Having our kids skates enables them to stay fit. And to stay fit using an outdoor sport like roller skating, quality is important. Cosco tenacity super Jr. is a trendy choice among Indians when keeping fit and entertaining their kids through sport?

This skate comes in a compare and portable design that allows kids to carry about and also to store in space. It is an ideal choice for beginners entering this domain of sporting activity. It is an excellent choice for kids as long as you are looking for the best roller skates in India.Main Features

  • It comes with a beginner skates shoe size of 16.6 to 18.6
  • Ideal for both boys and girls
  • Comes with an adjustable size
  • It comes with black and blue rubber wheels
  • It comes with a custom fit size
  • It is a perfect fit for kids between 3 to 4 years old
  • Comes with a lace up front for a firm fit
  • Quite durable

PROS What we liked

  • It is a perfect choice for juniors
  • With its adjustable base, it can fit perfectly on any kid
  • Comes in a nice package that keeps it secure

CONS What we didn’t like

  • One primary disadvantage of this product is that it does not come with a brake
  • It is a hard job tying the lace
  • The roller skates will have been quite better if it has come with a Velcro

Best skating shoes Roller Adjustable स्केटिंग शूज 2021

Jaspo Tenacity Senior Roller Skates (6 to 14 Years)

Jaspo Tenacity Senior Roller Skates (6 to 14 Years)

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The Jasper tenacity roller skates for kids is an adjustable roller skate suitable for kids to exercise and entertain with. It is an excellent way of allowing kids to have some fun. The Jasper tenacity roller skate is a high-speed semi-precision skate with a ball bearing of 60 MM anti-skid vinyl wheel.

This is a classic adjustable skate is a great way to introduce your kids to skating. One other unique feature of these beautiful roller skates is their dual usage. It can be used both indoors and outdoors purposes and hence is one of the best outdoor roller skates. Main Features

  • Comes with adjustable wear on sports shoes for kids
  • The roller skates come with a front brake
  • Has an adjustable size with a brake
  • Comes with both indoor and outdoor composite wheels and semi-precision bearings
  • It has a lace-up front closure.
  • It comes with a toe stop that provides control and safety.
  • Has an adjustment range of Min 21 cm Max 25 cm.
  • It comes with fiber chassis.
  • It weighs 1.80 kilograms.

PROS What we liked

  • The Jaspo tenacity skates are made from superb material.
  • It stands the test of time in durability.
  • Use for both indoor and outdoor purposes.
  • The skates are lightweight and allows children to skate more freely.

CONS What we didn’t like

  • The wheels iron balls get pulled out easily.

CADDLE & TOES Basics Adjustable Roller Skates

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Caddle & Toes Adjustable Roller Skates are 4 wheel skating shoes for kids of age group 5 to 12 years. It has an adjustable length and comfortable fitting. These attractive roller skates have dry plastic bodies and wheels and are ideal for home and school practicing. It suits ages up to 12 years depending on foot size and has multiple brake settings to adjust according to skill level. Main Features

  • It allows customized fitting with the clips on the bottom of the shoes for adjusting the size
  • The lace-up belts ensure comfortable wearing
  • Made from high-quality material and smooth-rolling wheels
  • It has brakes in the front to stop while skating

PROS What we liked

  • It allows smooth skating and avoids accidents
  • These skating shoes help kids to learn skating easily
  • Multiple brake settings are included to change according to skill level
  • It provides added stability with the rear wheels spaced apart

CONS What we didn’t like

  • It is not suitable for kids with body weight more than 20 kg

Jaspo Blue Derby Intact Adjustable Sebior Roller Skates Combo

Jaspo Blue Derby Intact Adjustable Senior Roller Skates Combo

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When it comes to choosing the best roller skate for children aged 6-14 years, nothing can match with the Jaspo Roller Skate.In contrast with other brands, this skate shoes come at low prices to make the gaming device accessible for everyone. Thus it is considered as one of the best budget roller skates in India.

What is included in the package?

  • Helmet
  • Knee pads
  • Elbow pads
  • A baggage and
  • Pair of roller skates

Helmet is made using harden PE shell i.e. multiple vents with soft inner lining to absorb the pressure. Whereas, knee pads and elbow pads are made of 4-layer fabric materials to adjust the elastic belt and Velcro gives a strong support so as not to fall down.

Toe stopper provides control and the 60 mm high speed ball bearings is incorporated in a anti-skid vinyl wheel to provide smooth and proficient moments while skating. You can also adjust the size of roller skate to match with the children foot size.

Jaspo Roller Skate Useful Tips and Precautions

  • Wear sports shoes while you skate.
  • Must wear helmet and safety pads while you skate.
  • Children’s must be supervised under professionals for safety reasons and to guide them.
  • Do not pour or use grease and any other oils in wheels. Instead use kerosene oil for lubricating the wheels.

To conclude, the performance of Jaspo roller skate is good and best matches with the requirements of children by supporting both indoors and outdoors. This amazing product is available in Blue color and weighs about 2.30 Kg which makes slightly difficult to play with. Also, the build quality is not up to the standards.


  • Light weight fiber chassis.
  • Durable polyvinyl wheels.
  • Cheapest roller skate in India.
  • 30 Kg of roller skate weight.
  • Suitable for children 6-14 years.
  • Toe stoppers for greater control.
  • Breathable foam at inner lining.
  • Knee pads, elbow pads, adjustable elastic belt, Velcro.


  • Heavy weighted roller skate.
  • Build quality is not so great.

What are the best shoes for skating?

Best Skate Shoes of 2021

  • Best Overall Skate Shoes. Emerica Pillar Mid.
  • Best Board Feel. Adidas City Cup.
  • Best Bang for Your Buck. DC Kalis Vulc.
  • Best for Breathability. Lakai Carroll.
  • Lightweight & Well Ventilated. …
  • Casual Shoes Worth Skating In. …
  • A Good Affordable Skate Shoe. …
  • A Classic Design that Falls Behind Modern Models.

What is the cost of skating shoes?

Questions & Answers on Skate Shoes

Skate Shoes Price RangeNo of Products(%)
Rs 325 – 77012%
Rs 770 – 180020%
Rs 1800 – 430031%
Rs 4300 – 1020031%

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What are skating shoes?

Examples of popular skate shoe brands

  • Adidas Skateboarding.
  • Adio.
  • Airwalk.
  • Axion Footwear.
  • Circa.
  • Converse.
  • DC Shoes.
  • Dekline Footwear.

What is the cost of skates in India?

Roller Skates Price in India

Best Roller Skates ModelsPrice
Cosco Sprint Roller Skates₹2710
Nivia Super Inline Skates₹3310
Kamachi Aluminium Body High Quality Inline Skates & Kids (Large)₹1800
Jaspo Glider PRO Roller Skates₹1599

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skating shoes
skating shoes

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