Nighty for Women & Girls Nightwear, Sexy Night Dresses नाइटी फॉर वोमेन

Nighty for Women

Nighty for Women & Girls Nightwear, Sexy Night Dresses नाइटी फॉर वोमेन 2021

हमारी उच्च-गुणवत्ता वाली कॉटन नाइटीज़ आपको नियमित काम पर भी पूरे दिन आरामदायक महसूस कराती हैं। महिलाओं के लिए अधिकतम आराम के लिए सॉफ्ट और क्यूट नाइट सूट ड्रेस। भारत में नाइट ड्रेस और नाइटीज़ की कीमत · डीप फ़ैशन ब्राउन नाइटी विथ रॉब३२३ · केओटी पिंक नाइट गाउन एंड रॉब और लॉन्जरी सेट रु६९९ · वीमेन सेल्फ़ डिज़ाइन …

Find Comfortable and Trendy Night Dresses at Myntra

The idea of a good night’s sleep is incomplete without a good nightdress. Nightdresses are breathable, easy to wear, and extremely comfortable. No wonder they are trending garments all around the world. Today, there are a variety of nightdresses that are trending, from cotton dresses to nylon, satin, and silk ones. Find the latest styles of sleepwear at your fingertips on Myntra.

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Types of Night Dresses on Myntra

At Myntra, you can find the best collection of night dresses online. Following are kinds of night suits you can find in our online collection:MAXI:

These kinds of nightdresses are full in length, up till the ankle. Maxis are breathable and are usually fitted on top and cut to flow loosely at the bottom. These look great on every body type and are hence, the perfect nightdress for women.MIDI:

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These night suits are cut to flow in the bottom part of the dress and are fitted at the top. A midi nightdress usually goes up between the knee and the ankle, somewhere on the calf. Thus, it is a comfortable garment that is not a gown and is not too short either. It allows comfortable movement as well.KNEE-LENGTH:

This kind of sleepwear is perfect for a nightdress for girls. These night dresses fall around the knee and allow for comfortable and stylish wear. They come in various styles like half sleeves, kaftans, etc. ABOVE THE KNEE:

This youthful and fun sleepwear falls right above the knee. One of the popular styles of such loungewear is babydoll dresses. Other popular styles in this category are t-shirt and shirt dresses.

Tips to Wear and Style Night Dresses

Choose the material wisely. This could also be a prerogative of the weather conditions you will be wearing the nightdress in. Cotton nightdresses are much more comfortable in the summer season since they are breathable and comfortable. But if you wish for a silky-smooth feel, then you should opt for a satin or silk nightdress. When looking for a nightdress for kids, look for pieces that would be most comfortable for kids and allow for play and movement. You can choose your print according to your liking. You can go for a lively, full print nightdress if you feel like it. Or if you want to go for something subtle, go for basics like a black nightdress. When it comes to night dresses, you have to choose the right silhouette. Body-hugging fabrics can be uncomfortable when it comes to pajamas. Instead, look for flowing and breathable silhouettes.

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Nighty for Women

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Buy Comfortable and Stylish Night Dresses at Myntra

Night suits are supposed to be the most comfortable garments in your wardrobe. But finding the right nightdress that is stylish as well as comfortable can be a tedious task. That is why Myntra brings to you a one-stop-shop where you can find the best of styles and brands and irresistible offers. Buy stylish night dresses from Myntra. Also, explore our lingerie collection for more styles and options.


Some of the most popular and best nightgowns for a honeymoon are printed satin nightdresses, sheer baby dolls, satin nighty and robe set, floral nightdresses with lace detail robe, 4 piece bedroom night suit set, nightwear slip dress, long solid sheer nightdresses, and many more. You can find your favorite one in a vast range of colors and fabrics.


They’re available online for buying nightdresses such as The Kaftan Company, Sweet Dreams, Zivame, Clovia, Mystere Paris, Marks & Spencers, PrettySecrets, Enamor, Da Intimo, etc. All the brands offer several options in varying colors, designs, prints, fabrics, lengths, and neck styles.

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Nighty for Women

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The fabric that is best for nightdresses or nighties is the one that does not irritate your skin and gives you a peaceful sleep. Usually, satin, cotton, silk, nylon, and viscose rayon are the popular choices for nightwear considering the comfort and quality that they offer. You can find many gorgeous nighties in all these fabrics and have a pleasant bedtime.


It totally depends on the individual’s preference. Both nightdresses and night suits are comfortable and good to wear to bed. You can pick the one that is easier for you to wear and in which you can feel relaxed.

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Nighty for Women

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Yes, nightdresses are good during pregnancy. They make you feel comfortable, relaxed, and cozy in your space. They don’t need a lot of caution while washing, caring, and wearing them. They can be easily taken care of and provide you with the rest that you need during pregnancy.


Explore the Exquisite World of Nightdress & Nighty with Zivame

a long tiring day, a good night’s sleep is the only tool to recuperate for the next day. And that is only possible with the perfect nightdress. Energize your spirits with Zivame’s nightdresses and nighties for women that offer the ultimate comfort and style as you slip into a deep sleep. Get your hands on a plethora of designs, colors, fabrics, prints, and patterns right here, right now!

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Night DressesPRICE (RS)
Sand Dune Maroon Printed Maxi NightdressRs. 987
Vemante White & Red Printed NightdressRs. 899
ETC Sea Green & Blue Printed NightdressRs. 799
Vemante Pink & Green Floral Print NightdressRs. 899
Bannos Swagger Black & White Printed Maxi NightdressRs. 799
Masha Red Striped Maxi Nightdress NT-A128-898Rs. 599
Vemante White & Blue Printed NightdressRs. 899
Claura Pink Printed Maxi Maternity NightdressRs. 979
Vemante White & Black Printed NightdressRs. 899
Vemante White & Pink Floral Printed Pure Cotton Maxi NightdressRs. 899
Nighties Laced Ladies Fancy Nightwear, Rs 250 /set Shree Santoshi Agencies  | ID: 18445219730
Nighty for Women

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How to Choose Women’s Nighties?

Ladies’ nightdress selection offered at Zivame is known for its fabric quality and unique design, so you will certainly be spoilt for choices. You can, however, enhance the sleeping experience further by choosing the right nighty style. Here are the key considerations you need to take into account when choosing women’s nighties:

  1. Choosing the Fabric: First and foremost, let us talk about what matters most – the fabric. You must pick out materials that allow your skin to breathe. Always give a higher preference to natural materials over synthetic ones. Consider cotton or silk as your first choices.
  2. Go for a Flattering Fit: Why look drab when you can look great every time you roll out of bed? Select a nighty that fits your frame well. If you wish to have a baby-doll look with a fitted and short-length nightdress, choose one that fits the criteria. Remember, the fit of the nightdress should be in complete agreement with your personal style and comfort.
Nighty for Women
Nighty for Women

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Ladies Night Dress Suppliers – Nightwear Manufacturers India

  1. Pick Weather-Appropriate Material: Another dominating factor when choosing women’s nighties is what season you intend to shop for. If it is a bit nippy, choosing a coarser fabric may be wiser than the soft cotton nighties. So ensure you are well-equipped to deal with the weather for a wonderful night’s sleep.
  2. Opt for Ones with Minimal Upkeep: If you are someone that is a believer in chaos theory – we got you covered! Various cotton blend night suits are available online that can sustain rough use for an extended period of time. However, if you are into sexy nighties, you can shop for the finest lace and net fabrics and opt for tailored pieces from the finest materials.

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Types of Ladies Nightdress for Women Online

If you feel overwhelmed with the number of choices thrown your way, we can surely help you sort that out. Here is what else you can explore in our extensive collection of ladies nighties online:

Channel Your Inner Sleeping Beauty with Nighties for Women

There is nothing more delightful than enjoying a comfortable night’s sleep and waking you to a new day wearing the most stunning nightwear. Take your pick from a stunning array of nighties for women online from one of the finest shopping platforms – Zivame. The leading lingerie and loungewear brand for women offers a broad selection of nightwear, sportswear, and lingerie in great designs and fancy patterns. You will be bowled over by the size and price ranges offered. So, if you are on the lookout for a suitable yet stylish nightdress, Zivame is where you need to be.

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Nighty for Women

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  1. What Are The Different Styles Of Nightdress?Zivame provides a wide variety of night dresses in gorgeous colours and comfy fabrics. The array of various styles includes sleep tops, short night dresses, night shorts, and much more. Besides this, the collection also encompasses night Capri and pajama sets.
  2. Which Type Of Night Dress Is Comfortable?Any night dress that has a soft fabric can be comfortable for an effortless sleep. However, you need to be sure of the kind of fabric in which you feel comfy and relaxed. Apart from this, you must choose your night dress as per the season. Summer is suitable for light materials such as cotton whereas a woolen night dress is perfect for chilly weather.
  3. Which fabric is best for women’s nighties?Cotton is regarded as the best fabric choice when it comes to women’s nighties and nightwear in general. The fabric is derived from the fluffy cotton plant that ensures that the nightwear is very soft against the skin and does not cling to the body.

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  1. Should one buy branded nighties?One can never go wrong with buying branded nighties online, as quality will undoubtedly speak for itself. It is always wise to invest in quality clothing, especially for sleeping, as only the right materials can ensure you have a restful sleep.
  2. Are nightdresses more comfortable than night suits?Both nightdress and night suits are highly recommended when it comes to experiencing a comfortable night’s sleep. However, with that said, it is always a matter of personal preference as to what nightwear is most comfortable.

Nighty for Women & Girls Nightwear, Sexy Night Dresses नाइटी फॉर वोमेन 2021

  1. Which type of ladies nightdresses are best for a honeymoon?There are various types of nightdresses suitable for a honeymoon, some featuring mesh whereas others featuring embroidered lace. These styles include:
    1. Baby Dolls: These are often short sheer dresses with plunging necklines featuring lace and leave very little to the imagination, making it the ideal nightwear for the special night.
    2. Satin-Silk Nighty and Robe Set: This night set consists of two pieces – namely, a short inner dress and a long robe that makes for a convenient cover-up when walking out of the bedroom.
    3. Teddy Lingerie: This lingerie not only serves the purpose of intimate wear but can also be styled as nightwear. The short length makes the garment highly breathable and comfortable, while the lacework on the cups adds the needed sizzle.

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Nighty for Women & Girls Nightwear, Sexy Night Dresses नाइटी फॉर वोमेन 2021

  1. Nightdresses: The longer dresses are slightly more conservative than the choices mentioned above if that is your style preference. The style offers greater coverage that is no less chic or seductive than the other options.
  2. Which is better – cotton or satin nighty?While cotton and satin are both great fabric choices for nighties, cotton is most recommended for hot and humid climates. Cotton is a highly breathable fabric, whereas satin is typically worn during the colder month as it adds warmth to the skin.
  3. How many nightdresses should a woman own?It is always wise to wear a fresh set of sleepwear every night you go to bed. So even if you wash your clothing every other day, you must at least own three sets of nightclothes.
  4. How often should women’s nightdresses be washed?A women’s nightdress must be washed every time they are worn simply due to hygienic reasons.
  5. Can nighties be worn during pregnancy?Yes, nighties are ideal for expecting women as the shape is usually oversized and can easily accommodate a growing belly.
Nighty for Women
Nighty for Women

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ब्लाउज़ डिज़ाइन डिज़ाइनर ब्लाउज़ ब्रा डिज़ाइनर साड़ी पंजाबी सूट बेबीडॉल साड़ी लहंगा बिकिनी ब्लाउज़ नेक डिज़ाइन ब्लाउज़ सूट डिज़ाइन डिज़ाइनर ड्रेस गाउन लॉन्ग फ्रॉक टॉप कुर्तियां पलाज़ो पटियाला सूट ब्राइडल लहंगा जींस टॉप ऑनलाइन शॉपिंग नाइटी चूड़ीदार लहंगा साड़ी वेस्टर्न ड्रेस फ्रॉक डिज़ाइन महिला जैकेट महिला बनियान अनारकली पोशाक ब्रा के प्रकार गद्देदार ब्रा प्लाज़ो सूट नाव गर्दन ब्लाउज प्लाज़ो सूट एच एंड एम कपड़े जिम लेगिंग पैंटी स्पोर्ट्स ब्रा पटियाला सलवार क्लब महिलाओं के लिए कपड़े बॉडीकॉन कपड़े पार्टी ड्रेस ब्लाउज डिजाइन बैक साइड सिल्क साड़ी नाव गर्दन ब्लाउज डिजाइन टोक्यो टॉकीज मैक्सी ड्रेस ब्लैक टॉप

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