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Why were Takis chips banned?

Why were Takis chips banned?

Why were Takis chips banned?

Well, after checking the laws of various major countries, such as the US, UK, Germany, France, Russia, China, South Korea, and Japan, I failed to find an official ban on Taki chips. Then again, there are a lot of laws, I didn’t check de facto bans, and I wasn’t too thorough.

But for the most part, I failed to find a nation that has banned Taki chips. However, various schools have enacted bans on chips like Takis and Cheetos for various reasons, which all include:

  • Health issues
  • Fights/arguments over food
  • The quantity of sodium and fats in them
  • Schools got sick and tired of having to clean up cheese-powder finger stains on walls.

In fact, examining this article, we can see that Takis and Flamin’ Hot Cheetos were banned due to them causing inflamed stomachs in kids, resulting in them being “doubled over in pain.”

Now, I was a student a million years ago, but from what I observed then (and from volunteering at the local school today) it is extremely difficult, if possible, to learn if one is doubled over in pain.

Normally I would say causation vs correlation, but apparently the school observed so many cases of kids running around with red fingers doubled over in pain, they concluded the Takis and Cheetos were the problem, and, upon the ban, noticed that stomach cramps were reduced greatly. So, I see what they’re getting at.

What is Project Blue Beam?

What are Takis?

Takis are a kind of corn tortilla chip, made by the Mexican company Barcel. They gained some notoriety when urban legend — widely disbursed by the Internet — claimed that they or their seasoning could cause stomach cancer. According to Snopes, the fact that the food coloring used in making certain types of Takis tends to turn stools red or orange has confused parents into thinking that it’s blood, not food coloring.

Because some types of Takis are very spicy, eating them has become somewhat of a test of bravado among teenagers.

What happens when you eat too much takis?

I ate a whole family size bag of takis. I was at my nephews birthday party and i was hanging out with the kids and they made up some taki challenge, me being as stupid as i am i tried to eat more takis than all the kids. As all mexican brithday parties go, there were an abundance of chips, and in partucular there were 3 family size bags of takis and they were sharing two of the bags.

I had taken one of the bags for myself as seniority goes and I ate the whole family sized bag. I won. There was no merit or trophy in this little challenge that the kids made up bc they were bored at a birthday party, but either way, I proved that I could eat the most takis. The next day I had woken up esrly in the morning and had the urge to shit… badly. I ran to the bathroom and proceeded to shit my guts out.

I didn’t even know I could hold that much shit in me. I had to flush the toilet about 5 or 6 times due to the amount that had built up from me defecating in the toilet bowl. I must’ve been in there for about 4 hours. There is only one bathroom in my house for me and my 5 other siblings that live with me. Luckily no one else had to poop that morning.

It was one of those shits where you take all of your clothes off, sit on the toilet, and pray to god that you will change your life around if he just makes it all go away. After the 4 hours I felt I was confident enough to walk amongst others as a normal person not thinking about if I’ll need to use the shitter every other 2 minutes iIget a stomach cramp from the takis.

It was defonitely top 5 worst pains I’ve ever experienced in my life. Although not worse than having food poisoning from a costco chicken bake, getting diarrhea, then taking something to stop the diarrhea, then throwin up everything since the poop had no where to go, and ending up at the ER. But that’s anither story for another time.

I remember that on the toilet i had told myself that I’d never eat takis again as long as I live, the pain was just not worth it. I couldn’t bear to stand if that happened to me all over again. But alas, about a year later, I went to seven eleven and bought 2 small bags of takis, a ben and jerrys ice cream container, and some starbursts.

I ate it all, and my stomach feels like shit. I just pooped and it was okay, nothing horrible, but my stomach is soo full rn i feel like the wrong move could make me throw up. Although im not in pain at the moment, i took some time to remember the pain i went through eating all those takis a year ago and the promise i made not to eat anymore takis but they are soo freakin good.

I workout alot and don’t eat junkfood at all anymore but today i spoiled myself a bit. I think ill just stick to healthy foods, snacks, and fruits from now on. The junk crap just isn’t worth the stomach aches. Anyways just thought of that and wanted to see what others have gone through. If you too have eaten too many takis and have come here to seek refuge and wisdom.

Just know that you will eventually be fine and others have gone through what you have too. Just take some pepto bismol, chew some mint gum, and next time don’t forget to not overdo it. Too much of anything isn’t good for you! P.s. I now know how many takis is too much, also i can eat more takis than all my nieces and nephews soo yea, in my eyes i see a win somewhere in there.

How do I get over an addiction to Takis? I know they are bad, and they are making my stomach upset, and I’m losing my appetite, but they are so good.

Check your iron levels. I had a major addiction to takis. Happened to find out I was low iron and after I got an iron infusion, I didn’t even want to eat takis at all. Like they didn’t even sound good. So weird considering I craved them constantly and ate them every single day. 🤔

Can takis kill you?

Nope. I used to eat them damned thing’s like candy. I have actually eaten so many of them in fact that they taste like nothing but corn and lime. I still eat them seldomly just to enjoy that greasy bitter corny crunch. Getting my mouth watered thinking about them right now. I once ate about 12 large bags of them in the span of 2 day’s. Alot of illegal green substance was involved in this gorging of takis.

Of course nowadays I am older and not nearly as fat or stupid as I was back then. Lol. But I can promise you, they will not kill you. Unless you can die from a serious burning heat exporting itself from your anus. Then you sir are shit out of luck. Pun intended. Enjoy them. But, moderation is key.

What happens when you eat too much takis?

I can answer this from experience:

Your insides explode.

Not really. But in all seriousness I have eaten way too many before (the biggest bag they sell in one sitting). They’re so addictive, I literally couldn’t stop eating them. And don’t get me wrong, it felt great at the time. But I paid dearly for it that night. They’re delicious but there not worth the pain that I went through. So take it from me and don’t make the same mistake I did: if you’re going to eat Takis, do it in small amounts. Your stomach will thank you later.

Do Flamin’ Hot Cheetos and Takis really cause cancer?

No. There are no foods that “cause cancer”. There are some foods which, if consumed beyond a certain point for a long enough time, can slightly increase your risk for certain cancers. That’s not even close to the same thing.

Beyond moderating intake of those foods it is pointless to make dietary decisions based on cancer risk. Nearly 2/3 of all cancers are caused by – nothing. They are random mutations in one of your cells, because you have like 50 trillion cells in the body, so even if cell replication is 99.99999% perfect, that leaves millions of cells that have mutated. Of course, most die, but that’s not the point.

Of the remaining 1/3 of those cancers, we know many of the causes – HPV and hepatitis B viral infections (that can be prevented by vaccines), too much UV radiation from the sun, smoking, obesity, alcohol, and few other things.

Almost all foods do not perceptibly increase your absolute risk of cancer. Cheetos and Takis are not going to increase your risk of any of the 200 different cancers. However, if you eat those and are obese, all bets are off, since obesity is closely linked to all cancers.

Eat away. But please, don’t make it your only food choice.

What are Takis? Why were they banned in the United Kingdom?

It would appear they are a snack.Very few American processed foods and snacks are permitted in the UK or the EU because of the chemicals in US foodstuffs.If the chemicals are banned in our countries so are the foods they are added to.

Are Takis bad for you? They make my stomach upset, but they are so good. If so, how many would be too much?

Takis are hot, right? You know what makes them hot? Capsaicin. Capsaicin is a waxy substance that is in most, if not all peppers and jalapenos. It’s hydrophobic, so it doesn’t like interacting with water (which is why if you drink water it doesn’t help the burning go away) and it can cause severe discomfort and a burning sensation. They’re not great for you, just like chips, and they might burn your stomach but unless you really choke on one, they ain’t gonna kill you.


There were no widespread bans on Takis chips. Takis are a brand of rolled tortilla chips that are known for their intense and bold flavors. However, food regulations and bans can vary by country, and new developments may have occurred since my last update.

If you are referring to a specific incident or regulation regarding Takis chips, it’s possible that there have been changes or updates after my last knowledge update. I recommend checking the latest news sources or official statements from relevant authorities for the most current information on any potential bans or restrictions.

Why were Takis chips banned?

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