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Stylish Blazer & Sport Coats for Men Suit Jackets ब्लेज़र्स फॉर मेन 2022

Blazers for Men

Stylish Blazer & Sport Coats for Men Suit Jackets ब्लेज़र्स फॉर मेन 2022

एक ब्लेज़र, एक सफेद बटन-डाउन शर्ट और गहरे रंग की जींस की एक जोड़ी की तरह, एक मेन्सवियर आइटम है जो दर्जनों संगठनों का आधार है। आप उन पुरुषों के लिए सर्वश्रेष्ठ ब्लेज़र पा सकते हैं जो सप्ताहांत की योजनाओं और कभी-कभार कार्यालय की उपस्थिति के साथ फिट होते हैं। क्यों? क्योंकि पुरुषों के लिए सबसे अच्छे ब्लेज़र जींस और ट्राउज़र दोनों के साथ जा सकते हैं।

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लेकिन आप अपने लिए सबसे अच्छा ब्लेज़र कैसे जानते हैं? आम तौर पर, हम एक स्टोर में जाने या एक दर्जी से परामर्श करने का सुझाव देते हैं, लेकिन जैसा कि देश भर में ज्यादातर चीजें बंद हैं, इन दिनों ऑनलाइन खरीदारी करना आपका सबसे अच्छा दांव है। लेकिन, डरो मत! हम यहाँ SPY में ब्लेज़र के बारे में एक या दो बातें जानते हैं। इसलिए इससे पहले कि हम अपने पसंदीदा पुरुषों के ब्लेज़र को सूचीबद्ध करें, हम आपको नीचे दिए गए अनुभाग में उचित फिट दिखने के बारे में बताएंगे।

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Men’s Blazers-Sport-Coats

Sharpen your style with the sophisticated look of blazers and sport coats. This essential men’s piece definitely adds a distinctive polish to your work or party outfit. Search the selection of dapper blazers and sport jackets in dress and casual styles, or find exactly what you’re looking for when you shop by size or fit.

Keeping the casual comfort? Add an element of elegance to your day-off outfit with a neat blazer. Find standout designs in pinstripes and plaids, or discover the latest trends of contrast lapels or collars. Give your jeans and t-shirt ensemble a jolt with a herringbone jacket, or try the rich texture of a velvet sport coat. Also, Look For Button-Front Vests for a great combination of laidback and luxury.

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Checking out dressier styles? Find blazers and sport coats in the suiting department. The clean-cut lines of a structured suit jacket are sure to impress. Get timeless style in a classic cut blazer with notched lapels and button front. For modern sophistication, try the contemporary feel of slim-fit sport coats with peak lapels and a more tailored cut. Make a statement in the office with subtle but sharp style in a wool jacket; experiment with unique details such as shawl collars or contrast lapels.

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A short history of the blazer

This blazer’s origin is attributed to both royal naval officers (the crew aboard Queen Victoria’s HMS Blazer wore navy double-breasted styles with brass buttons) and rowers (the Lady Margaret Boat Club at Cambridge University wore red flannel) in the early 19th century.

In the decades that followed, similarly, straight-laced styles have uniformed cricketers, polo players, country club golfers, school children, and probably your history teacher. It wasn’t until the Sixties that someone challenged the blazer’s buttoned-up aesthetic: teddy boys and mods managed to subvert its smart reputation with slim trousers, even skinnier ties, rolled sleeves, and an all-round give-a-fuck attitude.

This relaxed take on such a tailored piece was echoed in the Eighties, when Giorgio Armani’s fluid, unstructured blazer re-wrote the stiff, corporate dress codes dominating capitalist America. Check out Richard Gere’s wardrobe in American Gigolo (1980) if you want to witness the exact moment in history.

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How to wear a blazer now

How to introduce a bit of attitude into your everyday looks without going overboard? It’s all in the styling, which means you don’t have to tap into the catwalk buzz to look on-trend. Invest in something with longevity, then make it work for whatever situation you’re in.

If you really must whittle it down to one, Goldup believes it should be a formal blazer in navy: “It will go with just about anything, from jeans to chinos to dress trousers, so every guy should own one.”

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Stylish Blazer & Sport Coats for Men Suit Jackets ब्लेज़र्स फॉर मेन 2022

Beyond that, it completely depends on your lifestyle. If you work in a formal office, buy something smart and simply loosen it up on the weekend with trainers and a T-shirt. If by contrast, you live in jeans (or that newly-introduced WFH tracksuit), we implore you to try an understated blazer instead. Don’t be fooled into thinking it’s a high-maintenance way of life: casual styles actually look better when a bit disheveled.

And if you’re an unabashed traditionalist who thoroughly enjoys the pomp and performance of British events, then feast your eyes on our edit of the best summer blazers (seersucker and toweling galore).

It’s never too soon to break free from a selvage denim plus sweatshirt rut and invest in a blazer (or two). Keep scrolling to the four key styles every man should have on his radar.

Casual blazers

If you can just about peel yourself from your favorite overshirt, then the next step up is a casual blazer. They come in all shapes and sizes: workwear-inspired, unlined, and just a little bit crumpled, cut from faded cotton twill (it only gets better with age) or lightweight linen. Although it always pays to invest in staples, with these, you can get away with shopping on the high street – the minor details become ever so slightly less important, the importance being placed on the fabric and cut instead.

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Smart(er) blazers

आज दुनिया निस्संदेह एक अधिक अनौपचारिक जगह है, और यहां तक ​​कि स्मार्ट ब्लेज़र भी अक्सर बिना सोचे-समझे और थोड़े कम संरचित होते हैं। इसके सटीक उदाहरण हैं ज़ेग्ना और ब्रुनेलो कुसिनेली के ऊन और लिनन नंबर, जिन्हें पिट्टी उमो भीड़ से प्यार है – जैसा कि हम सभी जानते हैं, इटालियंस ने आकस्मिक ब्लेज़र गेम का आविष्कार किया था।

यदि आप चिनो-एंड-टैन थोड़े लड़के नहीं हैं, तो नाटक की खुराक के लिए जापानी या पूर्वी-प्रेरित जाएं। प्लीटेड पैंट्स और मंदारिन कॉलर के साथ ऑल-ब्लैक योहजी लुक्स के बारे में सोचें। मार्जिएला का काला ब्लेज़र एक सुरुचिपूर्ण सिल्हूट बनाने के लिए त्रुटिहीन रूप से काटा गया है, लेकिन कॉलरलेस डिटेलिंग और छुपा हुआ बटन प्लैकेट चीजों को आधुनिक दिखता है।

1. Ted Baker London Trevi Slim Fit Wool Blazer

For a classic navy blazer that will never let you down, go for the Ted Baker London Trevi Slim Fit Wool Blazer. The Ted Baker slim cut fits more like an extra slim for a totally modern, handsome, fitted look and the 100% wool blazer even comes with a classy little pocket square already sewn in. For any kind of semi-formal or professional occasion, this will be one of the best blazers out there. Give it a shot with grey slacks and a crisp white button-down shirt. It’s the perfect pick for cold weather, too.


Stylish Blazer & Sport Coats for Men Suit Jackets ब्लेज़र्स फॉर मेन 2022
Stylish Blazer & Sport Coats for Men Suit Jackets ब्लेज़र्स फॉर मेन 2022

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2. Nice stuff Natural Performance Knit Stretch Blazer

You only need to step outside your house and see the ubiquitous yoga pants and joggers trend to understand that stretchy clothes are the future. That’s why we’re big fans of the Nice stuff Natural Performance Knit Stretch Blazer. Though Nice stuff is definitely new to the scene, we’ve worn this blazer (and Nicestuff’s stretchy shirts) before and can tell you that Nice stuff makes one of the best blazers we’ve worn in a long time.

For casual wear, the blazer is made from a knitted viscose and elastane fabric that lets you move and stretch without feeling the stiffness of a traditional blazer. For formal occasions, the cut and fit on this jacket are absolutely supreme, so people will spend less time noticing your “casual” fabric and more time marveling at how great the jacket fits you.

Overall, we believe it’s one of the best blazers for sale online and we’re confident it will plant a permanent flag in your closet. Wear it with a t-shirt for an elevated casual look, or pair it with Nice stuff dress shirts for all-day comfort at formal events.

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3. Mizzen+ Main Lavelle Blazer

A navy blue blazer can be incorporated into anyone’s personal style, so it’s definitely on the list of best blazers for men. Thoughtfully created, this blazer has a built-in two-way stretch with cooling technology, just in case you typically get a little sweaty when you’re wearing a blazer.

Stylish Blazer & Sport Coats for Men Suit Jackets ब्लेज़र्स फॉर मेन 2022
Stylish Blazer & Sport Coats for Men Suit Jackets ब्लेज़र्स फॉर मेन 2022

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4. Rowing Blazers All-American Navy Hopsack Blazer with “Swelled Seam” Topstitch

For those looking for something a bit different, don’t overlook the power of a double-breasted blazer. This classy piece of clothing will set you back a bit, but for quality craftsmanship, it’s worth it. Rowing Blazers (a favorite of ours at SPY), makes this incredible 3-roll-2 silhouette blazer in navy with gold buttons for the accents. It’s made to be totally lightweight and is produced in New York. If you’re looking to set yourself apart from all the other dudes in suits at your next formal event, you can’t go wrong with this classy pick.

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5. Bonobos Jetsetter Italian Stretch Velvet Blazer

We’ve dabbled in black and blue velvets before, but never something like the Bonobos Jetsetter Italian Stretch Velvet Blazer. Not only will this jacket go with your flow courtesy of 1% elastane, but you’ll easily stand out in the crowd or make a strong impression on a date thanks to the rich brownish-red, rusty cognac color. Dress it up with a white shirt and black pants or dress it down with a plaid shirt and khakis. Either way, you’ll turn some heads. Best part of all? This jacket that’s typically priced at $500 is only $198 right now. So, you better act fast.

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ब्लेज़र फिट और कम्फर्ट

ब्लेज़र के शोल्डर सीम को आपके कंधों के किनारे पर बैठना चाहिए। यहां तक ​​कि अगर आप ब्लेज़र को बटन करने की योजना नहीं बनाते हैं, तो सुनिश्चित करें कि आप कर सकते हैं। बैक वेंट नहीं फैलना चाहिए। अगर एक ब्लेज़र कसना महसूस करता है, तो उसे वापस रख दें। अंत में, आस्तीन आपकी कलाई से पहले या आपकी उंगलियों पर समाप्त नहीं होनी चाहिए।

पुरुषों के लिए सर्वश्रेष्ठ ब्लेज़र या तो यूरो फ़िट या क्लासिक फ़िट स्टाइल किए जाते हैं। यूरो, एकेए स्लिम फिट, शरीर को दिखाने के लिए काटा जाता है। क्लासिक, एके अमेरिकन फिट, अधिक आराम से सिल्हूट के साथ काटा जाता है।

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अब स्क्रॉल करें और पुरुषों के लिए हमारे सर्वश्रेष्ठ ब्लेज़र की एक सूची देखें जो गर्मी, सर्दी या जब भी आपको थोड़ा सा ड्रेसिंग करने का मन करे तो आपके अंतिम विंगमैन के रूप में कार्य करेगा।

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