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Best Chyawanprash Benefit Bolstering Immunity च्यवनप्राश 2021

Best Chyawanprash Benefit Bolstering Immunity च्यवनप्राश 2021

The most important component of Chyawanprash is the Indian gooseberry, better known as amla, which is arguably the richest source of vitamin C in the entire world. Apart from Amla, there are 49 other medicinal herbs and/or their extracts that were processed to manufacture this wisely preferred health supplement.

It has a very unique taste, as it is both sweet and sour and salty at the same time and has a consistency that is similar to that of ordinary fruit jam. Along with texts a host of various Ayurvedic texts, and also a plethora of literature, which is highly valid ethnographic, ethnographic, and of course scientifically, stands firmly behind Chyawanprash, highlighting its role in medical science

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Best Chyawanprash Benefit Bolstering Immunity च्यवनप्राश 2021

Now, Chyawanprash has a market of Rs 700 crores which has seen an average increase of 30-40% in demand in just one week in the month of April 2020. Brands have seen their Chyawanprash portfolio grow at an unprecedented rate, with a. The brand, in particular, is reporting an increase of over 400%, which is absolutely incredible. So here we will discuss the ten best Chyawanprash in India in 2021 to help you decide.

Health benefits of Chyawanprash च्यवनप्राश के स्वास्थ्य लाभ

  • It has anti-viral, antifungal and antibacterial properties that keeps your body away from developing diseases. 
  • It contains nutritious ingredients, which you can take with milk before going to bed.
  • It is known to keep restlessness away and makes you active by increasing your stamina. 
  • It helps in reducing gas and acidity problems by regularly eliminating waste.
  • It can helps to protect the body against infections
  • It helps in improving complexion and normalises the blood pressure. 
  • It also helps to clear the respiratory passes and is good for cholesterol. 

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ingredients: if you are looking for an effective Chyawanprash, then it is very important to check out the ingredients as they are responsible for strengthening immunity, rejuvenating internal health, and increasing your stamina. Without the right ingredients, it will not be that effective. Ingredients like Amla and Vanshlochan with honey and ghee will give you a balanced sweet formula. 

Side Effects:  It may be possible that the ingredients in the Chyawanprash are not suitable for everyone. He consulted that this herbal jam is reacting differently to a person’s body. These factors result in side effects caused by a Chyawanprash.

Best Chyawanprash Benefit Bolstering Immunity च्यवनप्राश 2021

However, this traditional formulation is known for treating numerous health conditions, the issue of side effects can be possible. If you have consumed it in an excessive quantity, then it can result in indigestion, flatulence, bloating around the abdomen, and much more. Before buying a Chyawanprash, search through the ingredients and consult the quantity to avoid such side effects.

Brand:  It is necessary to choose a reputed brand product and not compromise with the price of the product. The right brand comes with the best ingredients and herbal formulations that are effective for the body and immune system. 

That was all about the best Chyawanprash in India. To live a healthy life, start eating Chyawanprash at least once a day as it helps to make your immune system stronger and fights away all the diseases. Also, if you consume natural products, you can check out Patanjali Products with Price, to keep your skin healthy without using chemicals.

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Your body will become resistant to almost all the diseases, especially colds and coughs that occur frequently. This is the complete Best Chyawanprash in India with buying guide

Price: Price is an important thing that lets you decide on your budget prior to investing. There are different prices available in the market for different brands, but more or less they all do the same work. 

Quantity: When you are buying the best Chyawanprash, it is evident that you will be using it on a daily basis. Thus, a higher quantity can always be appreciated. 

Best Chyawanprash Benefit Bolstering Immunity च्यवनप्राश 2021

Ingredients: Chyawanprash mostly uses natural ingredients, which in turn, are the things behind the health benefits associated with Chyawanprash. These ingredients are the sole reason for Chawanprash’s miraculous effects. 

Packaging: As the best Chyawanprash in India contains many natural herbs and herbal extracts and is completely chemical-free, you should not buy a product that comes in any metal container. Opt for the one that comes in a glass or at least a plastic bottle. 

Sugar quantity: Check the sugar quantity of the best Chyawanprash in India that you are thinking about buying. The sugar quantity should not be much. There are many brands like Dabur, Biadyanath, Zandu, etc which also make sugar-free Chyawanprash. You can definitely opt for them if you want. 

Shelf Life: Most of the best Chyawanprash in India have a shelf life of 24-36 months. Check the label for the expiry date before buying.

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Best Chyawanprash Benefit Bolstering Immunity च्यवनप्राश 2021

1. Dabur Chyawanprash

Dabur Chyawanprash

Dabur is undoubtedly the market leader and the most preferred and popular brand in Holistic Ayurvedic Care Products. It is a household name to reckon with and a prominent one at that. Dabur also offers various variants under its brand; the popular flavors include Regular, Sugar-free, Mango, Mixed Fruit, and Chocolate in packages of 250 grams to one kg.

Dabur Chyawanprash has Amla as the main ingredient and 49 most potent herbs that boost the immunity of the body and make it resistant to common infections. The herbal formulation is time-tested and over 2500 years old. The products are prepared under strict quality controls and are clinically tested. Being natural and safe for all age groups, its regular consumption improves stress tolerance, increases energy levels promotes strength and treats cough. It is also a powerful anti-oxidant.

Weight 500g
Price Rs. 170

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2. Baidyanath Chyawanprash

Baidyanath Chyawanprash

Baidyanath, the brand name of Shree Baidyanath Ayurved Bhawan Pvt. Ltd is known to have pioneered the establishment of ancient Ayurvedic medicine with modern research and manufacturing techniques. The company offers Chyawanprash in many variants like Special, Junior Chyawanprash for children, and Kesri Kulp Royal exclusively for women. They also sugar-free variants of it.

It is prepared using the traditional processes as per Ayurvedic recipes. They make use of potent ingredients such as sambhar bark, bael bark, sugar, honey velvetleaf, dried grapes, lotus flower, myrobalan, white sandal, Emblica, cinnamon, and saffron. All together it works wonderfully to boost your overall health. Baidyanath Chyawanprash is also rich in antioxidants and boosts your immunity while strengthening the body’s defense system from the inside.

Weight 1kg
PriceRs. 257

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3. Zandu Chyawanprash

Zandu Chyawanprash

Zandu, a subsidiary of the erstwhile Emami Group is a recognized and trusted brand when it comes to healthcare products. You must have seen Shah Rukh Khan endorsing Zandu on Television and Print Media. Zandu is undeniably a market leader of Ayurvedic formulated health supplements. Zandu also offers many variants in the Chyawanprash category like Sona Chandi, Zandu (Sugar-Free) for diabetics, and Kesri Jivan Chyawanprash.

It contains Amalaki as the main ingredient, and high amla content makes it rich in Vitamin C. It helps in building the body’s resistance to infections, improves the digestion system, and boosts the physical and mental well-being of an individual. It also contains ghee, honey, jaggery, Kesar, exotic herbs and spices, and mineral traces. You may find the brand to be a little heavy on the pocket (Rs. 520 for 900 grams), but its benefits far outweigh the price.

Weight 450g
Price Rs. 140

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4. Patanjali Chyawanprash

Patanjali Chyawanprash

The Yoga Guru Ram Dev Baba’s backed FMCG Company Patanjali Ayurved Limited has taken the country by storm thanks to their quality Herbomineral preparations. Widely trusted and highly reputed, Patanjali’s products are manufactured rigorously following the principles of Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP).

The ingredients are all Ayurvedic, and cow’s ghee is one of the primary components in its preparation. Patanjali’s Chyawanprash is known to rejuvenate the body and boosting physical & mental strength. Regular consumption also strengthens the heart and the lungs. It also controls cough, phlegm, and bronchitis and is one of the best treating asthma. Your body will feel nourished, and you will feel healthy overall.

Loaded with minerals and anti-oxidants, it is quite affordable as well. Priced at Rs. 260 for a kilogram pack, use it daily for improved health.

Weight 500g
Price Rs. 134

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5. Kottakkal Arya Vaidya Sala Chyawanprash

Kottakkal Vaidya Chyawanprash

From God’s Own Country, Kerela, Kottakkal Arya Vaidya Sala Chyawanprash classifies as an exclusive product. The exhaustive list of ingredients includes Matsyandika, Thugakshiri, honey, cow ghee, Kasmari, Tailam, and villa. It also used jaggery instead of sugar and a powerful blend of other spices and herbs.

Regular consumption of Kottakkal Arya

Sala will improve memory and concentration and also calm down the nervous system. It is also suitable for people who suffer from depression. It enhances the complexion and slows down the process of aging. A 500-gram pack would cost you Rs. 205 on MRP and its shelf life is three years from the date of manufacture.

Weight 500g
Price Rs. 197

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6. Himalaya Herbals Chyawanprash

Himalaya Herbals Chyawanprash

Himalaya is another wellness brand that strives on using traditional ingredients with modern science to improve the quality of life. A market leader for a long now, it has a strong fan base and a wide distribution network. Himalaya Herbals Wellness Chyawanprash uses a classic recipe with traditional herbs that promote wellness naturally.

Enriched with more than 30 herbs, it can be consumed in all seasons and is known for its therapeutic properties. It stimulates resistance of the body to fight infections, promotes energy levels and boosts fitness, treats stress-induced ailments, and improves digestive health. For people with allergies and asthma, it can be particularly beneficial since its ingredients are weather-friendly and nullify the adverse effects of changing seasons.

The MRP of Himalaya Herbals Chyawanprash for a 1 kg jar is Rs. 40.

Weight: 1000g
Price: Rs. 340

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7. Apollo Life Chyawanprash

From the group of Apollo Hospitals, Asia’s major healthcare group, it is important to include the name of Apollo Pharmacy Chyawanprash in this list of best brands in India in 2019. Prepared in an Ayurvedic formulation, Apollo Life Chyawanprash can be ideal for you to fulfill the daily nutritional requirement. Regular consumption of this provides immunity and strength and also boosts digestive health.

As it keeps your gut healthy, you will notice your overall health taking a boost. It also improves stress tolerance, and you tend to look better with your overall health improving gradually. With a distinct pleasant taste and 100% natural ingredient base, you can be assured of its high quality and authenticity. It is also an affordable brand where a pack of 500 grams will cost you around Rs. 150.

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8. Organic India Organic Chyawanprash

Having quite a benefit to its name Organic India Organic Chyawanprash is to be considered as the best Chawanprash. This Chawanprash uses 100% natural and vegetarian ingredients. These ingredients each have some sort of health benefits to offer.

Skin complexion and glow, nourishing brain cells, strengthening the immunity system, purifying blood, and found to be helpful in treating cough and asthma. All of these reasons make Organic India Organic Chyawanprash secure its place as the best Chawanprash.

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  • Quantity: 500 g
  • Ingredients: Amlaki, Draksha, Ela, Pippali, Patra, Tvak, Abhaya, Amrita, Bilva, Agimantha, Syonaka, Gambhari, Patali, Salaparni, Prsniparni, Mudgaparni, Masaparni, Svadamstra, Brhati, Kantakari, Vidari, Sati, Musta, Punarava, Vrsamula, Kakanasika, Utpala, Jivanti, Candana, Tamalaki, Tugaksiri, Naga Kesra, Kakoli, Rddhi, Jivaka, Rsabhaka, Meda, Matsyandika, Taila, Ghrta, Madhu
  • Immunity Boost
  • 100% Vegetarian Product

What We Like

  • The product comes with 500 g content
  • The product has Amlaki and 38 other healing herbs
  • Improves skin complexion and glow
  • It is capable of nourishing brain cells, thus, improving retention and recall
  • Organic India Organic Chyawanprash helps in strengthening the immunity system
  • Aids in purifying blood
  • It is also known to be good for health
  • Alleviates cough and asthma

What We Don t Like

  • There were no cons found

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What is Chyawanprash good for?

Chyawanprash is a powerful immune booster and aids the body in the production of hemoglobin and white blood cells. Amla, the vital component in Chyawanprash detoxifies the body and cleanses the blood, liver, spleen, and lungs. It enhances youthfulness and promotes healthy muscle mass and tones the body.

Why is Chyawanprash banned?

While a typical Indian grandmother is sure to eat her daughter-in-law’s head for not feeding her dear grandchildren Chyawanprash every morning, the Canadian government banned its sale in 2005. They claimed that the product has high amounts of lead and mercury which is sure to harm one’s health.

Best Chyawanprash Benefit Bolstering Immunity च्यवनप्राश 2021

Is Chyawanprash harmful?

The morning spoonful of Chyawanprash may do more harm than the intended good. The Canadian government banned the sale of health supplements meant for everybody in 2005. The ban was invoked citing that there are high levels of lead and mercury in the product. No, not just recreational drugs!

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What is the right time to eat Chyawanprash?

When should we take Chyawanprash? The best time to take is before breakfast. It can also be taken at night preferably 1-2 hours after taking dinner.

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