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Removable Wall Stickers Wall Art Decals & Murals वाल स्टिकर 2021

Wall Stickers

Removable Wall Stickers Wall Art Decals & Murals वाल स्टिकर 2021

वॉल डिकल, जिसे वॉल स्टिकर, वॉल टैटू या वॉल विनाइल के रूप में भी जाना जाता है, एक विनाइल स्टिकर है जिसे सजावट और सूचनात्मक उद्देश्यों के लिए दीवार या अन्य चिकनी सतह पर चिपका दिया जाता है। वॉल डिकल्स को विनाइल कटिंग मशीन से काटा जाता है। अधिकांश decals केवल एक रंग का उपयोग करते हैं, लेकिन कुछ पर विभिन्न चित्र मुद्रित हो सकते हैं।

Decals can range from simple small wall borders and cutouts to more complex murals covering entire walls. They may feature words, pictures, and designs. Vinyl wall decals come in various shapes and sizes. They can be as small or as large as necessary. Regular wall decals are usually between 30 cm x 50 cm and 60 cm x 100 cm. Larger decals maybe 100 cm x 100 cm or larger.

Most vinyl decals are not reusable, although some reusable vinyl types are available. They use a different adhesive on the rear which means that they can be re-positioned a couple of times before the adhesive wears out. Vinyl stickers at a large size can be very difficult to apply as they can tear, stretch and stick back on themselves.

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Removable Wall Stickers Wall Art Decals & Murals वाल स्टिकर 2021

Traditional decals are made from PVC plastic and cut from a single color using a vinyl cutter or laser cutter. It is possible to print a full-color image onto vinyl and then contour cut around it. Block cut vinyl comes in many different finishes from glitter to metallic, to mirror effect. They can also be supplied as blackboard or whiteboard finish and cut to shape to create a wall decal.

फैब्रीस्टिक” के रूप में बेचे जाने वाले गैर-पीवीसी फैब्रिक वॉल डिकल्स की एक श्रृंखला को पतले बुने हुए कपड़े से बनाया गया है जिसमें पीछे की तरफ 3M प्रकार का चिपकने वाला है। जटिल डिजाइन बनाने के लिए इसे पूरे रंग में प्रिंट किया जा सकता है और अभी भी प्रोफाइल कट किया जा सकता है। यह अपने आप खिंचता, फाड़ता या वापस छीलता नहीं है और इस तरह से पुन: प्रयोज्य और पुन: उपयोग योग्य है कि विनाइल स्टिकर नहीं हैं।

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Vinyl decals have various uses. Vinyl decals were originally only used for sign making, but they have recently been added to interior decorators’ portfolios and have also become well known as a Do-It-Yourself home decorating option.

The fabric wall stickers are particularly popular with people in rental properties as they allow personal creativity in home decoration without any damage to the walls. Even better, the wall decorations can be put back onto the supplied backing sheets and taken to the next property.

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Decals can be used on windows, walls, or tiles as branding, advertising, or decoration. They may also serve as a tool to inform people that there is a glass door or window.

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Wall decals and wall stickers: How to use it in home décor

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Jaamso Royals Brown Stone Brick WallpaperRs. 1124
WILL STICK Multicoloured Birds & Flowers Large Vinyl Wall StickerRs. 269
raw pockets Blue Butterfly With Motivational Quotes Wall StickerRs. 281
999Store Gold-Toned Stones & Elephant Head Mural Wall StickersRs. 1499
Jaamso Royals Nature White Brick with Leaves Self Adhesive WallpaperRs. 449
WILL STICK Black Birds & Trees Large Vinyl Wall StickerRs. 174
raw pockets Adults White & Black Dream Quotes Wall StickersRs. 275
999Store Yellow & Black Meditating Buddha Mural WallpaperRs. 1499
Jaamso Royals Blue & Brown Stone Brick Self Adhesive Removable WallpaperRs. 449
raw pockets Multicoloured Motivational Quotes Wall StickerRs. 269

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A wall sticker refers to a vinyl sticker that is applied on walls or any other smooth surface. The sticker can be used to beautify a particular spot or even for informational purposes.

Also known as wall decals, wall stickers are often seen as an easy way to improve the look of your surroundings. They have been around for many decades and are often used for home decor as well for commercial purposes.

10 Coolest 3D Wall Stickers - Best 3D Bedroom Wall Decals for Bedrooms

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There are various types of wall stickers available online today. Especially on Myntra, you have a wide range of styles and themes to pick from, as per your preference. To give you a clearer picture of the variety of wall decor stickers on the platform, here are some of the popular options you can find on the platform.

  • Nature-inspired art – Nature-inspired designs bring a sense of calmness to a rooms atmosphere. Often featuring a subtle use of colours, these wall stickers will suit almost every room of your home.
  • Motivational Quotes – All of us need some motivation in our everyday lives. With stickers featuring beautiful quotes, you will have always have positive ideas in front of your eyes.
  • 3D Wall Stickers – Kids are sure to love these hyper-realistic stickers. With smart use of depth perception in art, these stickers have the ability to make the barest walls come alive.
  • Cartoon Characters – Another popular option that kids adore, cartoon-inspired stickers can brighten up any kids room. Featuring some of the most popular cartoon products, these stickers are ideal for all the young fanboys out there.
3D Acrylic Wall Stickers Wall Decals Photo Frame Tree Living Room Home  Office Decorative -buy at a low prices on Joom e-commerce platform

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There are multiple ways in which you can uplift the mood of a room by strategically placing wall stickers. To kickstart your imagination, here are some simple ideas that you could explore.

  • If your room features a blank white coloured wall, make the space alive with black coloured stickers. The contrast in colours makes for an eye-catching effect on those who lay eyes on it.
  • The sitting space in your living area can make for a great spot to apply a wallpaper sticker. To amp up the visual of the space, opt for cushion covers that complement the colour of the stickers.
  • Wall stickers do not necessarily have to end up on a wall at all times. You could experiment and even apply them on wall shelves. 3D wall stickers, in particular, can really stand out when strategically applied on shelves or other wooden furniture.
  • When people think of decorating their windows, most tend to deck it up with lights on special occasions. However, with stickers, you can permanently highlight the look of the window.
Tree Wall Decals & Stickers for Kids Bedrooms, Nursery Australia

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In order to add a visual spark to the wall of your house, Myntra features a wide range of wall stickers that you can choose from. Whether you are looking for wall stickers for bedrooms or ones with the detailing of wall paintings, you can find what you desire on the platform.

Apart from wall stickers, there are many other accessories that you can explore, such as fountains, showpieces, windchimes, and much more. In addition to the amazing product lineup, you can even avail some amazing benefits from the Myntra Insider program. So, go ahead and sign up right now to experience online shopping at its best on Myntra.


While on the outside decals and stickers may look alike, the way to install each one is different. Decals are applied to walls using transfer films whereas, basic wall stickers can just be peeled off and stuck to the wall. Decals may, therefore, need proper installation by a professional.

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The most common use of Decals and Stickers is as home decor additions. Just like wall paintings, wall stickers can take a boring wall and transform it into an interesting one. And if properly matched with showpieces and other decor items, it can make a cohesive palette for the eyes, creating the illusion of space and symmetry.

Wall Stickers
Wall Stickers

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Several decals and stickers are designed specifically for kids’ rooms. The designs can serve two purposes – to make the room look playful and to educate children. Wall stickers with white puffy clouds or various animals would both look really cute in a kid’s room. You can even find wall stickers in cute prints to cover areas around switchboards, right here on Myntra.


लिविंग रूम के लिए दीवार स्टिकर 3 डी दीवार स्टिकर बच्चों के लिए दीवार स्टिकर तितली दीवार स्टिकर फूल दीवार स्टिकर पक्षी दीवार स्टिकर सफेद दीवार स्टिकर धातु दीवार कला दीवार कला सजावट बुद्ध दीवार कला लकड़ी की दीवार अलमारियों रसोई दीवार अलमारियों दीवार Decals बेडरूम दीवार सजावट लकड़ी की दीवार सजावट तितली दीवार सजावट मिरर मेटल वॉल डेकोर पेंटिंग्स बिन फ्लोरल पेंटिंग टेबलवेयर घड़ियां शो पीस विंडचाइम्स एप्रन बाथ रॉब सीलिंग लाइट्स तौलिया टेबल लैंप फव्वारे पशु और पक्षी पेंटिंग्स बाथ टॉवेल वॉल स्टिकर्स बेडरूम फोटो फ्रेम्स के लिए अरोमा ऑयल डिफ्यूज़र टेबल रनर मग शो पीस वासेस प्लांटर फ्लोर मैट टेबल क्लॉक वॉल लैंप कॉफी कप बाथरूम दर्पण पेंडुलम घड़ियां हैंगिंग लैंप की चेन नाइट लैंप

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