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Sparx Shoes for Men & Women campus shoes स्पार्क्स शूज़, कैम्पस सूज 2022

Sparx Shoes

Sparx Shoes for Men & Women campus shoes Adidas Original स्पार्क्स शूज़, कैम्पस सूज 2022


Give in to the adrenaline rush and live an active, sporty lifestyle with Sparx shoes. Sparx is part of Relaxo footwear, an Indian shoe manufacturing company based in Delhi. The brand is well-known for its sporty style, keeping in mind the needs of fashion-conscious customers like you. The quality of shoes from this brand is impeccable given the sturdy designs and superior craftsmanship. The Sparx shoes price range is also quite reasonable.

If you are looking for that extra confidence and a can-do spirit, Sparx shoes will help you all the way. Keep exploring, test your limits and let your feet stay well-supported through your journey. Check out a wide array of options of Sparx shoes online at Myntra. Get set to catapult yourself to a new active lifestyle.

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Upgrade your style and move towards a contemporary, modern lifestyle with Sparx shoes. The brand is focused on creating shoes that incorporate the latest trends in footwear design. Here is a look at some of the varieties of Sparx shoes online at Myntra: Sparx casual sneakers infuse sporty style into casual wear like no other.

These lace-ups are available in color-blocked, printed, and textured patterns to add jazz to your jogging outfit. They also work with your favorite pair of jeans and T-shirt for any outing. Style it up with Sparx slip-on shoes which are available in engaging colors such as red, khaki, and teal blue.

They are perfect to be paired with chinos, a polo-collar T-shirt, and a jacket for a party with your college buddies. For a sportier look, you can opt for slip-on sneakers as well. If you are looking for sturdy and comfortable footwear for your marathon practice, you are at the right place. Crafted with innovative technology for maximum speed while running on the road, Sparx sports shoes are quite classy.

Sparx Shoes for Men & Women campus shoes स्पार्क्स शूज़, कैम्पस सूज 2022

Smart colors and textured uppers offer maximum style. A well-cushioned footbed and protective uppers, as well as shielded forefoot areas, ensure a comfortable run. With all these features, Sparx shoes for men are as good as your favorite pair of Adidas shoes or Reebok shoes and are available at an affordable price.

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For everyday wear and running errands, pick up a pair of comfortable open-toed Sparx sandals. These ones feature Velcro straps for closure and offer a cushioned footbed. Team them up with shorts during the summer for a sporty yet breezy look.


Getting your hands on your favorite pair of Sparx shoes is quite easy when you shop online at Myntra. Our customer-friendly interface, simplified browsing, selection, and payment procedures ensure that you can shop for your preferred shoes in a jiffy.

And there are more varieties of footwear at our online store. If you are looking for hiking boots, check out Woodland shoes. Have a look at Nike shoes for women for great options in sports and casual footwear for ladies.

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Sparx Shoes for Men & Women campus shoes स्पार्क्स शूज़, कैम्पस सूज 2022


Campus ShoesPRICE (RS)
Campus Men Black Running ShoesRs. 996
Campus Men Navy Blue Mesh Walking ShoesRs. 1299
Campus Men Navy Blue Running ShoesRs. 809
Campus Men Blue Mesh Running ShoesRs. 1234
Campus Women Blue Mesh Walking ShoesRs. 799
Campus Men Navy Blue Running ShoesRs. 1614
Campus Men Black Running ShoesRs. 799
Campus Men Teal Blue CALIFORNIA Running ShoesRs. 1709
Campus Men Navy Blue Mesh Running ShoesRs. 1799
Campus Men Black Mesh Road Running ShoesRs. 1186
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Launched in the year 1989, Campus shoes come to you from the house of Action. The brand is host to a range of smart casual shoes, preferred for their lightweight and trendy designs. These shoes have incorporated the latest of international styles which capture the carefree spirit of the young millennials.

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Campus school shoes have also been popular over the years for their smart looks and durability. You can check out an exclusive selection of Campus shoes online at Myntra featuring a plethora of options for different types of needs.


The campus encourages every wearer to take the road less traveled. Toward enabling this goal, the shoemaker brings you trendy and comfortable shoes perfect for casual, sports, or daily wear. You can check out our Campus shoes’ new model collection or go with timeless classic varieties.

Every pair of shoes provides a comfortable fit owing to a combination of soft synthetic and breathable mesh with padded tongues. Campus shoes feature signature technology such as Anti-Skid and Phylon soles which enable maximum shock-absorption and cushioning.

Here is a look at some of the types of Campus sports shoes as well as casual footwear that you can avail of at Myntra: Campus running shoes come equipped with a superior grip which provides improved traction as you run. Choose a pair of navy blue shoes with lace-ups, a cushioned footbed, mesh uppers, and a textured outsole. Team it up with a round-neck jersey, a jacket, and shorts when practicing for your marathon.

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Sparx Shoes for Men & Women campus shoes स्पार्क्स शूज़, कैम्पस सूज 2021

Campus trekking shoes are specifically designed to give extra protection to your ankles. Keep your joints cushioned as you trek up the hills. Choose a pair of red and black trekking shoes.

Select a large backpack and sunglasses from Myntra to help you get better equipped for your trip. Check out Campus casual shoes which provide a trendy urban look and a whole lot of comfort.

Choose a pair of stylish round-toe slip-on shoes in light blue. Team it up with a printed T-shirt and dark blue jeans for a contrasting color pop. Select a pair of red sneakers from our Campus shoes’ collection with textured and check-pattern outsoles. You can wear these bright red shoes with gingham shirts for men and beige chinos or cargos.

You can view the Campus shoes price range of your preferred varieties at Myntra. Stock up on your favorites and step out in style right away.

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Shop at Myntra to buy Campus shoes online with complete ease. Our simplified purchase processes make online shopping a breeze. While at it, make sure you have a look at cool accessories from Myntra.

Opt for analog or digital watches to keep track of time while flaunting your cool new look. Select smart belts to keep your formal trousers in place while elevating your fashion sense. Choose sunglasses and caps to add a dash of style this summer.


प्यूमा शूज़ रीबॉक शूज़ एडिडास एरो फ़िला ऑनलाइन शॉपिंग नाइके पेपे जीन्स प्यूमा यूनाइटेड कलर्स ऑफ़ बेनेटन फ़ास्ट्रैक शॉर्ट्स बीइंग ह्यूमन स्कर्ट्स वुडलैंड सुप्रा ड्रेसेज़ नाइके शूज़ एडिडास शूज़ वुडलैंड शूज़ एडिडास मेन शूज़ क्लोदिंग ज्वैलरी टी-शर्ट्स शूज़ बैग्स वॉचेस कैप्स शर्ट्स बैकपैक्स कुर्तास फ़्लॉप्स सनग्लासेस क्रिकेट शूज़ प्यूमा टीशर्ट्स वुडलैंड शूज़ टाइटन घड़ियाँ फास्टट्रैक घड़ियाँ रैंगलर शर्ट्स एडिडास टीशर्ट्स नाइके शूज़ रोडस्टर शर्ट्स कैजुअल शूज़ रनिंग शूज़ नाइके स्पोर्ट्स शूज़ जीन्स बीइंग ह्यूमन टीशर्ट्स कन्वर्स शूज़

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Is campus shoes an Indian company?

Campus claims to be India’s largest casual sports and footwear brand. Incorporated in 2006, Campus Activewear is one of the key players in the organized sports & casual footwear sector in India. The flagship brand “Campus,” in recent years, has emerged as the largest domestic sports and casual footwear brand in India.

Men’s styles of Adidas Campus – Sparx Shoes

The 1980s court style Adidas Originals Campus remains a much sought-after mainstream sneaker design that’s seasonally updated with fresh and hip colorways.

When did the Adidas campus come out?

The Campus is a classic Adidas sneaker that was originally released in the 1980s. They feature a classic design with a contrast of three stripes on the sides, a textile liner, and a herringbone pattern rubber cupsole outsole. The Campus has been re-released numerous times in various styles, versions, and colorways.

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What does air capsule do in shoes?

Introducing ‘Air Capsule’ technology that will turn your Campus shoes into airbags for your feet.

Are campus shoes lightweight?

Campus shoes like the Campus NEON offer your feet the support they need during your workout sessions. … These lace-up shoes are lightweight and tough. The rubber outsoles on these shoes ensure good traction so you can comfortably run on different surfaces.

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In the event that you like to go for a run, having a pair of shoes is practically unavoidable.

The benefits of buying Sparx shoes outweigh the expenses incurred. You need to find a decent compromise between your spending plan and a shoe that meets your requirements.

The above list contains the best shoes when it comes to sturdiness, performance, and comfort. I hope you find your ideal running shoe.

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