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baby Chair Booster High Seats in India बेबी चेयर्स Online 2021

baby Chair

baby Chair Booster High Seats in India बेबी चेयर्स Online 2021

After baby feeding pillows, high chairs are the next items you will need to help you feed your baby properly. It becomes necessary when you start introducing semi-solids or purees into his

You can use a high chair to feed your baby around the house or even allow him to join at the dining table if you have one so you can feed your baby while you eat.

baby Chair Booster High Seats in India बेबी चेयर्स Online 2021

Thus, a baby’s high chair is used more than a thousand times a year. So, getting the right high chair can make all the difference between good feeding time and a bad feeding time.

In order to get a good high table, you can make inquiries from your friends who have already gone through the same period with their babies and ask them to recommend brands that are good or you can go through this article to find out how to recognize good brands by yourself.

10 Best High Chairs for Babies

1. Luvlap

This baby high chair is simply the best when it comes to adjustability on this list. Every part of it can be easily adjusted and customized to fit your baby’s size and improve his comfortability.

You can easily adjust the seat to six heights in accordance with your convenience. The seat is cushioned for added support, and the high chair comes with a 5 point harness to ensure the safety of your child.

You can always adjust the footrest, dining tray, and seat recline to three positions while the shoulder point can only be adjusted to two positions. The tray and the seat pad are easily removable and washable.BUY AT AMAZON

2. R for Rabbit

The highlight of this product is its seven levels height adjustment feature, which allows the high chair to grow with your baby through every step of his development.

This chair is designed to be easily foldable in order to make good use of your limited space or put away in the store when your baby is done with it. When it is folded, the size of this product is less than half of its original size.

Unlike other high chairs, this high chair makes use of double trays in order to catch every bit of spillage or mess made by your baby. These trays are both adjustable and removable. They can also be cleaned in the dishwasher.BUY AT AMAZON

3. Sunbaby

This colorful high chair can be easily folded into a compact form when not in use to fit into small storage spaces and also create enough floor space if you are living in a small house.

The chair makes use of a 3-point safety harness and an anti-slip footing to keep your babies safe from falling.

The height of the chair makes it easy for you to feed your baby while standing or sitting down, and the material used in creating the high chair is both durable and sturdy.BUY AT AMAZON

4. Little Pumpkin

The Little Pumpkin high chair is a convertible high chair that can be used as a high chair when your baby is ready to take semi-solids, a booster chair when your baby is ready to sit at the table and a short chair when your baby is ready to start studying.

The chair is easy to fold, and it comes with a small handbag for you to carry it in when you are traveling. The leather cover is removable and washable. The tray can be removed, and the chair can be folded to the smallest size ever for storage.BUY AT AMAZON

5. Cherry Berry By R for Rabit

The Cherry Berry high chair is another type of convertible high chair with a 4-in-1 function. It can be used as a high chair, a booster chair, a short chair, and a chair and table.

The booster chair comes with straps that can be used to fasten it to any chair you want in the house, and the tray can be easily detached to bring your baby closer to the table.

The table and chair can be used for study time when your baby starts studying or for playing games together because the surface is wide.

The chair can be used until your baby is around seven years old.BUY AT AMAZON


baby Chair

This product is another extremely convertible high chair for your babies. It comes with the three functions that most convertible high chairs usually come with. This means that it can be used as a high chair, a short chair, and a portable booster seat.

Its legs are detachable, and it can be easily folded to create storage space. It is easy to wash, and its tray can be easily detached with one hand and washed in the dishwasher.

If you are really keen on the environment, the tray is made from an environmental pp material that will not harm your kid.BUY AT AMAZON


baby Chair

This product is easy to fold and carry around. It is a convertible high chair that can be detached or reassembled for a high chair for your baby when he is around 6 months, a booster chair to bring him closer to the table, and a short chair when he is ready to play around on his own.

The high chair is made with the combination of safe PP plastics and metal, so it is extremely durable and cannot be easily broken. With this product, you won’t have any problem at all with easily cleaning stains as the material makes it easy to wipe down.BUY AT AMAZON

8. Haneez

baby Chair

This is the only product on this list that is made of wood. Usually, wooden high chairs are one of the most difficult high chairs to deal with because they lack the key features of a good high chair like adjustability, and portability but this high chair is different.

While this high chair may not be as adjustable as most plastic high chairs, it comes with an adjustable wooden tray that can be lowered to make sliding the baby into it easy.

In the case of any spillage, this product can also be easily cleaned because it is made of wood.BUY AT AMAZON

9. Kurtzy

baby Chair

This high chair is the only high chair in this list that can support a baby who weighs up to 50 kg. It is made of strong aluminum and comes with a dual safety adjustable strap to keep your baby from slipping or falling out of the baby chair.

Its legs are sturdy and wide apart to provide solid footing. The high chair is also easy to assemble. When you take it out of the pack, all you need to do is to put it in the safety lock, and you are good to go.

baby Chair
baby Chair

At what age do babies use chairs?

6 months almost recommend waiting until a baby is 6 months old before using a high chair. This is a good starting point, but you’ll want to make sure your baby is ready.

Which high chair is best for baby India?

List of Top 10 Best Baby High Chairs and Booster Seats in India

  • Babyhug Fine Dine Highchair. …
  • R for Rabbit Marshmallow the Smart High Chair. …
  • Chicco Polly 2 Start High Chair. …
  • Babyhug Verona 2 In 1 Wooden High Chair With Removable Cushioned Seat & 2 Point Safety Harness. …
  • Saga Height Adjustable High Chair. …
  • LuvLap 4 In 1 Convertible High Chair Cum Booster Seat. …
  • Chicco High Chair Birdie Print.

How do I buy a high chair for my baby? – Baby Chair

Look for a chair that has seat straps that are easy to buckle and unbuckle. Confirm if it has a three or five-point harness to keep the baby secure on the seat. Check for a crotch strap too as it will keep your baby seated snugly and prevent high chair accidents.

Are high chairs bad for babies? – Baby Chair

When we buy these bigger items for our children, we expect the items to be 100% safe for them. However, there’s an alarming increase in the number of high chair and booster seat injuries. One study found a 22% increase in high chair-related incidents in children ages 3 and under, says pediatrician David Shafran, MD.

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