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Best bean bag with beans Chair Fillers बीन बैग विथ बीन्स 2021

bean bag with beans

Best bean bag with beans Chair Fillers बीन बैग विथ बीन्स 2021

cozy, and just right to be playing video games in or just lounging, Bean Bags are at your service. These bags of joy are fun to lounge in at any time; they are comfortable enough for you to go to sleep in, work, or just relax.These bags filled with expanded polystyrene, which feels the same way that styrofoam does, but they are much more comforting in comparison to styrofoam. Solimo bean bag, Sattva bean bag, Orka, etc. are some of the best bean bag brands

Every teenager is always out in the world, grabbing the latest game available, be it in the form of an app, a board game, or even a video game, and bean bags are perfect for any of those activities. Bean bags are a part of almost every household, so why shouldn’t there be one at your place now? Before starting selecting from the online sites, let us give you a rundown of precisely what you need to be looking for. In this article, we have mentioned differences.

Fun, quirky, comfy – bean bags are the definition of casual furniture. The most loved furniture piece by all age groups of movie buffs, gamers, and Netflix addicts – bean bags are now gaining popularity amongst work from home professionals as well.

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Best bean bag with beans Chair Fillers बीन बैग विथ बीन्स 2021

When you need a break from those posture-perfect chairs, a bean bag could be your go-to at home. Simply sink in and embrace the comfort. Bean bags are available in all shapes and sizes and thus, choosing the right one for yourself depends on factors such as the space available, quality of fabric as well as stitching, filling material that makes it fluffy, and lastly, specific features like waterproof, ease of cleaning.

Typically, washable fabric with double stitching and quality filler beans are most widely considered while deciding to buy a bean bag. Now that you know the factors to make an informed buy, here are some designs that we feel will make you get one for yourself.

Classic Bean Bag:

As the name suggests, the classic bean bag is the most basic form of a bean bag. These bean bags are round in shape. It is also extremely comfortable and collapses when a person sits on it. The classic bean bag can restructure itself to accommodate the person sitting on it.

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Armchair Bean Bag: The armchair bean bag, as the name suggests, is in the shape of an armchair. The armchair bean bag has armrests on either side. It is an excellent option for those who are comfortable with chairs that have armrests. Similar to the classic bean bag, the armchair bean bag also shrinks to accommodate the person sitting on it.

Chair Bean Bag: The chair bean bag is too similar to the armchair bean bag, but it does not come with armrests. It resembles a chair without armrests and is much more comfortable than a regular chair. The back support that the chair bean bag offers makes it an excellent candidate for gaming.

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How to fill a bean bag? बीन बैग कैसे भरें?

Filling a bean bag can be simple and fun

. It only takes a few minutes and if it’s done correctly your living room doesn’t have to end up looking like it was hit by a snowstorm. Just follow these simple steps:

  • Step 1: Roll up a piece of cardboard and make a funnel. If you don’t have any cardboard handy at home, then you can use the cardboard insert that came with the bean bag.
  • Step 2: Open a childproof safety zipper with a paperclip. Pull out the filling chute and open the second safety zipper using the paper clip.
  • Step 3: Open the bag of beans using a pair of scissors. Cut open the top of the plastic bag of beans about 20 centimeters.
  • Step 4: One person holds open the bean bag, filling the chute with the funnel inside, while the second person slowly pours the beans into the funnel filling the bag. Fill the beanbag with the required amount of beans.
  • Step 5: Close both zippers using the paper clips and you’re done.

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Best bean bag with beans Chair Fillers बीन बैग विथ बीन्स 2021

Size: Beans bags are available in sizes from “S” (110-120cms in circumference) to “XXXL” (180-190cms in circumference). You can choose the smaller one for kids and the largest one for adults who are above 6’5” tall!

Fabric: You can choose from multiple fabric options like leather, suede, fur, 100% cotton, denim, nylon, polyester, synthetic leather, vinyl, velvet, etc. Always shop for the one that is:

  • Soft to touch.
  • Gentle on the skin.
  • Non-sweat inducing.

Colors: Available in a wide range of colours and unique patterns, you can choose the bean bag that goes around well with the rest of your furniture and home décor. Some popular colors that are highly in demand are:

  • Purple Colour Bean Bag
  • Black & White Colour Bean Bag
  • Brown Colour Bean Bag.
  • Wine Colour Bean Bag


You must look for bean bags with zip closures and Velcro straps so that the beans can be easily removed, and the bean bag cover can be washed or wiped before re-use. Also, opt for those bean bags that are double-stitched. They are more durable.

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Filling: Bean bags are available in a variety of bean fillings like EPS (Expanded Polystyrene) Beads, EPP (Expanded Polypropylene) Beads, Micro-Beads, Compressed Foam, Beans, Rice, and even Natural Fillers.

Durability: Bean Bags with a thick, fade-resistant, and long-lasting fabric, and those that have been made in double stitch (for added tear strength and to avoid bean-spilling) are definitely more durable than the others.

Handle Straps: You must check if the bean bag has a handle strap for the extra ease of handling, hanging, storing, and drying.  

Bean Bag Price: Most times, bean bags are sold without bean fillings. This means, that you only get the bean cover and have to additionally purchase the bean fillings according to the size of the bean bag. This can add to the total cost if you are purchasing the bean bag for the first time and do not have beans at home! Always inquire about the bean filling weight in kilograms that will be required to fill the bean bag.

Best bean bag with beans Chair Fillers बीन बैग विथ बीन्स 2021

Weight: Lightweight bean bags will be much easier to move around in the house, clean, store, and maintain over time. But make sure you do not compromise on the overall product quality and durability by choosing a bean bag just for its lightweight.

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Aart Chrome Classic Canvas Digital Printed Bean Bag Cover Without Beans (3XL)

Aart Chrome Classic Canvas Digital Printed Bean Bag Cover Without Beans (3XL)

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The art is the classic brand, and here you can witness a wide range of designs and patterns in bean bags. The giant and portable bean bag seem to be big in appearance but quite easy to handle and moveable around the place. The product is durable as well as the construction of the bean bag is top-notch, which attract the audience. Main Features

  • There is a one-year warranty for the stitching or any damage. It will either be repaired or replaced in the period of 1015 days.
  • The rich patterns, comfort, and unique appearance are enough to compliment the look of your place as well as comfortable enough to relax the body.
  • Double stitching is provided for the reliability and long life of the bean bag, handle strap is available to move it anywhere easily you want to.
  • Due to the XXXL size, the capacity of the beans inside the chair is 2 kgs.
  • This bean bag is available in 23 different colors and designs to give a funky look to the place.

PROS (What we liked)

  • The canvas fabric of the bean bag is fade-resistant.
  • The stitching of the bean bag is doubled and quite strong to avoid any tearing. With the help of the zipper, you can keep them safe in one place.
  • The capacity of the bean bag is strong enough to handle a person above 80kgs

CONS (What we didn’t like)

  • No negative points were observed

Adev World Football XXXL Bean bag With Bean Filling

AdevWorld Football XXXL Bean bag With Bean Filling (Black & White)

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Football or Soccer fanatics, this is a perfect addition to the area where you choose to cheer your team on, whether you are a player or just an overly enthusiastic watcher, this bean bag is made for all. It will hold anyone and hug their body in a way that will be the most comfortable for that person. The additional stool is also a plus point for this product and lets you use it as a leg rest or a personal mini table. Main Features

  • Shaped like a football (a plus for people interested in football)
  • Can fit people of all shapes and sizes
  • Waterproof
  • Made of Leatherette

PROS (What we liked)

  • Comes with an extra stool
  • Does not require bean filling as it comes pre-assembled
  • Can fit people of all shapes and sizes
  • Durable fabric
  • Waterproof which means zero stain troubles
  • Made of Leatherette material

CONS (What we didn’t like)

  • The beans may not be filled up to the mark
  • Overpriced product but with the extra stool it is worth if it is within your budget

Orka XXL Bean Bag with Beans

Orka XXL Bean Bag with Beans (Brown)

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Orka is the classic brand which has come up with the classic and reliable bean bags in the market. Due to the top-notch quality of the Orka bean bags, costumers all around the world are putting their trust in this brand. This brand manufacture bean bags by keeping the comfort zone of the customers in mind.Main Features

  • The material of the Orka XXL bean bag is artificial leather, which is easy to clean and wipe off without removing it.
  • The capacity of the bean bag is 2.5 kg, you must have 2.5 kg fillers inside the bag.
  • This bean bag has come up with the viscous poly backing, which is quite strong as well as with the color fastener guarantee.
  • The sturdy stitching of the bean bag can handle a weight of up to 100 kg.
  • The child-safe locking at the end of the chair is helpful in keeping the child away from the beans.
  • It’s easy to clean with a simple, moist cloth and keep it away from the fireplaces.

PROS (What we liked)

  • The strong stitching makes the bean bag reliable, and people with excessive weight can adjust themselves as well.
  • The material and stuffing of the bean bag are up to the mark and can provide the right comfort to the body.
  • It comes along with the footstool for the complete balance and comfort of the user.

CONS (What we didn’t like)

  • The color of the bean bag can be different as compared to the one in the picture due to the reflection of lights during the shoot.

Stylecraft Denim Bean Bag Cover Without Beans

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A product that comes with many features, Stylecraft Denim Bean Bag Cover Without Beans (Blue, 3XL), is a new addition to the market. Main Features

  • A cool denim fabric that is designed for use in summer, the bean bag is a perfect choice for extra comfort for users.
  • The size of the bag is XXX-Large 46 Inch Height and 26 Inch Base Diameter 
  • it requires 2.5 Kg Beans to fill the bag.

PROS (What we liked)

  • The stylish design of this bean bag adds elegance and look to the interior of your house.
  • The quality is good and is durable.
  • Since the size of the bean bag is big it brings utmost comfort.

CONS (What we didn’t like)

  • No negative points were observed so far

Hello star Armchair Bean Bag 

Hellostar XXXLArm Chiar Ten Artificial Leather Bean Bags Cover XXXL [ Without Beans]

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  • Material – Leatherette
  • Size – XXXL
  • Product Dimension – 76 cm (length), 76 cm (width), 115 cm (height)
  • Beans/Filler requirement – 2 kg
  • Stitching – Double stitch for extra strength
  • Budget – Under 1000

The Hello star Armchair Bean Bag is an excellent offering by the famous bean bag brand Hellostar. It is one of the best bean bags under a thousand. The product does not come with beans. You have to purchase the filler material separately. Taking this price component into account, we can conclude that the product targets the mid-tier price segment.

It primarily uses leatherette as its constituent. The upholstery and top portion of the bean bag use the leatherette material as well. The product requires some form of basic assembly, with instructions that come along with the bean bag. The armrests on either side of the bean bag make it one of the best armchair bean bags. You can not only use it as a substitute for a sofa but carry it around easily as well because of its lightweight.

The bean bag comes in two different colors, namely – brown and navy blue. The dual stitch that the product comes with makes it extremely durable and long-lasting. The bean bag has a variety of use cases. From living rooms and dining rooms to the garden, you can use it almost anywhere in your house.

The sturdy backrest that the bean bag provides also makes it one of the best bean bags for gaming. All of these excellent features, along with the assurance of the Hellostar brand, make the Hellostar Armchair Bean Bag one of the best bean bags in the market.  

Sattva Classic Bean Bag 

Sattva Classic Bean Bag Cover (Without Beans) XXL Size - Red

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  • Material – Superior Leatherette
  • Size – XXL
  • Product Dimension – 66 cm (length), 71 cm (width), 111 cm (height)
  • Beans/Filler requirement – 2 kg
  • Stitching – Premium stitching
  • Budget – Under 600

The Sattva Classic Bean Bag is an excellent offering by the famous bean bag manufacturer Sattva. It comes in at a price point of under six hundred, thereby targeting the budget-friendly segment. You should note, however, that it does not come with beans.

You have to purchase the beans separately. Typically, a filling of two kilograms should suffice. It adds a cost component of six to seven hundred depending on the manufacturer. The Sattva Classic Bean Bag uses superior leatherette. This feature, along with sturdy back support, makes it one of the best bean bags for gaming. The product also comes with a handle at the top, which makes it easier to move around the house.

The XXL size and dimensions of 66 cm x 71 cm x 111 cm make it an excellent candidate for more massive people. Easy maintenance and cleaning are other unique features of this product. All of these fantastic features make the Sattva Classic Bean Bag one of the most comfortable bean bags in the market.

ComfyBean Bean Bag with Footrest Filled with Beans (Size – XXL)

ComfyBean Bean Bag with Footrest provides maximum comfort. Twist it, turn it, toss it around or park it in a corner safe and sound. Comfy is not only comfortable… but also fun to sit on! Whether you’re enjoying a drink with close friends, watching a favorite show on TV, or reading the kids a bedtime story – ComfyBean Bag is a wonderful place to sit and be snug.

Comfy has uniquely engineered this 6-panel plush design teardrop bean bag. This bean bag with Beans is designed to provide a structured back and extended neck support in order to enhance your comfort experience hereby allowing you to relax in pure comfort and luxury.


  • Dimensions : 25 x 25 x 42 Inches (LxWxH)
  • Bean bags filled with beans
  • Size – XXL
  • Material – Export quality leatherette
  • Comes with a footrest
  • Height – 107 cm
  • Weight – 1.3 kg
  • Beans filled – 2 kg
  • Warranty – 6 months

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ComfyBean Bags Bean Bag Lounger Without Beans/Fillers (Size XXXL)

The Comfy Bean Lounger is a gorgeous & sleek modular chair that invites you with each and every curve. It is designed around the natural seated curve of your body, making it perfect for any household activity such as reading, gaming, watching a movie, or just relaxing on those rainy days. Don’t miss out on the seating experience of a lifetime with a chair that literally curves with you. Comfy Lounger is perfectly shaped to support your legs, head, and shoulders in optimal comfort. 

ComfyBean Bean Bag without beans/fillers is soft and comfortable. This is one of the best bean bags available in India.


  • Dimensions : 42 x 25.2 x 35.8 Inches (LxWxH)
  • Bean bag without beans
  • Size – XXXL
  • Beans to be filled – 2- 4 kg
  • Material – Export quality leatherette
  • Double-stitched
  • Height – 91 cm
  • Weight – 1.3 kg
  • Warranty – 6 months

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Which brand is best for bean bag?

Top 12 Best Bean Bags in India

Product (Best Brands)Average User Rating
Orka Arm Chair with Beans3.3/5
Sattva XXXL Bean Bag3.4/5
Style Homez Classic Bean Bag3.2/5
Orka Digital Printed Bean Bag XL4.1/5

What’s the price of bean bag?

Bean Bags in India 2019 on

SnoLatest Bean Bags OnlineBean Bags Prices
7Biggie Bean Bag XXl Size Coffee (filled)Rs. 1,499
8XL Bean Bag Cover in Black & Red (Without Beans)Rs. 499
9Fun In XXXL Bean Bag with Beans in BrownRs. 2,099
10XL Bean bag with Beans in BrownRs. 1,299
bean bag with beans
bean bag with beans

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How do I get the best bean bags?

Best bean bags with beans in India

  1. Amazon Brand – Solimo XXXL Bean Bag Cover (Black with Pink Piping) …
  2. Couchette® XXXL Lounge Chair Luxury Bean Bag Cover with Footrest, Without Beans, Tan (Without Fillers) …
  3. Amazon Brand – Solimo XL Bean Bag Cover Without Beans (Brown and Tan) …
  4. Mollismoons Bean Bag Fur Sofa Without Beans (XXXL, Grey)

What beans do you put in bean bags?

The beanbags we know and love today no longer use organic materials. Ours use Virgin polystyrene beans and are reinforced to avoid any messy leaks. If you‘ve ever had a low-quality bean bag chair spring a leak in your house, you know why that’s important.

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