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Best Industrial spice grinder Stainless Steel Electric स्पाइस ग्राइंडर 2022

spice grinder

Best Industrial spice grinder Stainless Steel Electric स्पाइस ग्राइंडर 2022

yet experienced the aromatic pleasure that comes with grinding fresh, whole spices, do yourself a favor and invest in a spice grinder. Not only can these handy kitchen tools be used to grind whole spices into fragrant blends, but they can also be used to grind coffee beans, seeds, or even to chop nuts.

Today’s spice grinders go much further than the humble mortar and pestles of the past. Advanced models feature powerful motors that pulverize whole spices, even whole cinnamon sticks, in a matter of seconds. We diligently tested nine top-rated models to find the best spice grinders on the market. The results are in – these are the best spice grinders.

How We Tested Each Spice Grinder हमने प्रत्येक स्पाइस ग्राइंडर का परीक्षण कैसे किया

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We asked experienced product tester, Sarah Zorn, to put the top-rated spice grinders to the test. Sarah started by rounding up top-rated models from familiar brands like Cuisinart, KitchenAid, Kuhn Rikon, and more. Each grinder was used to test a variety of whole spices, including large grain salt, whole peppercorns, fennel seeds, cardamom pods, cinnamon sticks, and coffee beans and nuts when applicable. She paid special attention to the following factors: 

  • Efficiency Ease of Use Are the mechanisms and operations straightforward? Does it require setting up and taking apart? Can it grind spices of all sorts quickly and consistently?
  • Cleanup Are any parts dishwasher safe? Is it a pain to wash by hand? 
  • Capacity How much volume can it grind at a time? Can it handle larger spices?
  • Durability and Feel Do the parts feel flimsy or well-constructed? What materials is it made out of? Does it come with a warranty?
  • Versatility Can it be used for more than pepper, salt, and fine spices? How about coffee? Nuts?
  • Look, Does it look nice sitting on a counter? Does it take up too much space?

Sarah has completed her testing and narrowed it down to the five best spice grinders for various budgets, uses, and preferences. Curious about what else we tested? You’ll find Sarah’s thoughts on all the spice grinders tested below, including those that didn’t live up to expectations. 

What is a Dry Masala grinder?

A Dry Masala grinder is a spice grinding machine that grinds hard spices such as black pepper, turmeric, Black cardamom, cumin, Cloves, Coriander Seed, Long Pepper, Star Anise, Dried Red chilly, etc.

A dry masala grinder is also used to grind coffee beans. You can grind coffee beans and prepare a nice coffee with a nice aroma.

Manual vs. Electric Grinders मैनुअल बनाम इलेक्ट्रिक ग्राइंडर

Best Industrial spice grinder Stainless Steel Electric स्पाइस ग्राइंडर 2022

We tested two main types of spice grinders: electric and manual. Manual grinders can be broken down into two subcategories: ratchet and mill-type grinders. It may seem odd that some would opt for manual grinders given the conveniences of the more advanced electric models, but manual grinders may be preferable if you’ll only be grinding small batches of spices. Electric grinders can be clunky, difficult to store, and not to mention noisy. But if you plan to regularly grind large batches of spices, nuts, or seeds, electric grinders will be the best candidate for the job. 

Capacity क्षमता

A mid-range grinder has a capacity of about 70 grams, but you’ll find grinders in this review ranging in capacity from 40 grams to 90 grams. As mentioned earlier, manual grinders tend to have smaller chambers than those electric grinders. Many grinders will have removable storage containers so you can preserve any leftover spices. Consider the number of spices you’ll be grinding in combination with the amount of counter space you have to spare.  

Noise शोर

It probably comes as no surprise that those high-powered, electric grinders come with noisy motors, giving manual grinders the upper hand when it comes to your eardrums. However, some electric grinders used advanced technology to minimize noise levels while still retaining grinding power, as we’ll call out in our review.

Versatility बहुमुखी प्रतिभा

Although this review focuses on grinding whole spices, you’ll find that many of the models tested boast their ability to grind the coffee, nuts, and even vegetables. If you want to reduce the number of kitchen gadgets used for chopping, to grind, and crunching, consider choosing a model that can do it all. 

Best Overall Secura Electric Coffee and Spice Grinder

Best Industrial spice grinder Stainless Steel Electric स्पाइस ग्राइंडर 2022
Best Industrial spice grinder Stainless Steel Electric स्पाइस ग्राइंडर 2022

There are several great spice grinders out there, but the Secura Electric Coffee and Spice Grinder earned the best overall spot for a few reasons. One of the biggest is that it has two separate milling bowls, one that’s designed for chopping and the other that’s made for grinding. 

Aside from having two bowls that help prevent the melding of flavors while grinding, the different blade systems ensure that you’re getting the right grind for whatever spice or ingredient you’re using. The bowls also have measurement markings on the inside, so you can easily add what you need without using separate measuring spoons unless you want to.

The Secura also brings power in a compact, counter-friendly size. The 200-watt motor can easily handle most spices and larger items like nuts or coffee beans, while the built-in overheat protection extends its lifespan so you can keep it around for a while.

Best Large Capacity Cuisinart Spice and Nut Grinder

If you need a spice grinder that can handle larger quantities of spices for batch cooking or meal prepping, the Cuisinart Spice and Nut Grinder are among the largest and most powerful options. It has a 90-gram (or just over 3-ounce bowl size and a 200-watt motor designed to tackle bigger spice-grinding jobs. The powerful motor also makes easy work of larger, harder items, like nuts and coffee beans, if you’re looking for a multipurpose machine.

While there are no bells and whistles here—the grinder has one stainless steel bowl and a push top on and of control, we think its simplicity is one of the things that adds to its appeal.

Best Multipurpose KitchenAid Blade Coffee and Spice Grinder Pack

Unsurprisingly, KitchenAid, one of the leaders in kitchen gadgets, earned the spot of best multipurpose spice grinder with its dual coffee and spice grinder. Unlike other grinders, which require thorough cleaning between different spices—or when you switch from coffee grinding to spice grinding—the KitchenAid comes with three separate stainless steel grinding bowls.

These bowls allow you to quickly grind three different spices at a time without the transfer of flavor that inevitability happens when you use the same bowl for the entire job. There are also two storage lids, so if you grind more than you need, you can pop a lid on two of the bowls and save it in your pantry for later.

Although there aren’t any programmed settings that allow you to control grind size, the grinder comes with a clear lid that lets you see what you’re doing so you can stop grinding when your spices reach the desired fineness.

Best Quiet Krups Vortex Electric Coffee and Spice Blade Grinder

Unlike other grinders, which can be obnoxiously loud, the Krups Silent Vortex Electric Grinder was designed with quietness. If you’re an early morning cook or need something that gets the job done during a child’s afternoon nap, the Krups is probably the best choice. 

It comes equipped with patent-pending Vortex Spin Technology that helps pull ingredients into its blades for grinding as quiet as it is efficient. It has a one-touch push button that you can hold down for continuous grinding or tap to pulse grind.

The stainless steel grinding bowl is removable and comes with a storage lid, so if you need to store spices, you can pop the lid on and put it right into your pantry. However, unlike the KitchenAid, the Krups only comes with one grinding bowl, so you won’t be able to grind new spices while you’re storing any.

Best for Wet and Dry Grinding Shardor Coffee and Spice Grinder

Best Industrial spice grinder Stainless Steel Electric स्पाइस ग्राइंडर 2022
Best Industrial spice grinder Stainless Steel Electric स्पाइस ग्राइंडर 2022

The Shard or Coffee and Spice Grinder was expertly designed to be the perfect cooking multi-tasking tool. It comes with two stainless steel bowls. The first is a two-blade grinder bowl that handles dry items like spices and coffee beans. The other is a four-blade chopper bowl that can wet-grind garlic and herbs like basil, eliminating the need for manual mincing as you cook.

This also makes the Shard an excellent choice for anyone with problems with manual dexterity, especially since, instead of pressing down on an on/off button, you can activate the motor by pushing down on the entire lid.

Best Budget Brentwood Coffee and Spice Grinder

If you’re looking for a budget-friendly way to grind spices freshly, the Brentwood Coffee and Spice Grinder get the job done at a great price. While most electric spice grinders cost around $40 to $50, you can get the Brentwood grinder for under $20.

The 150-watt motor is slightly less powerful than others on this list, but it can easily give you a medium-fine to coarse grind. It may have a little trouble pulling off a super fine grind, but that’s generally not necessary for most cooking needs.

As a bonus, it comes in black or a minty blue color, so you can choose the option that best matches your kitchen aesthetic and leave it on display on the countertop.

The Best Fixed-Cup Spice Grinder Krups Electric Spice and Coffee Grinder

Best Industrial spice grinder Stainless Steel Electric स्पाइस ग्राइंडर 2022
Best Industrial spice grinder Stainless Steel Electric स्पाइस ग्राइंडर 2022

What we liked

The Krups is one of the smallest and lightest models we tested, at just over six inches tall, one pound and five ounces, and a steal at nearly half the price of the Cuisinart. The smaller size doesn’t mean smaller capacity: This unit can grind up to 85 milliliters of spices at a time. The slim, oval design was easy to handle, and the grinder bowl narrows at one end to cleanly pour out its contents.

It was one of our fastest and most consistent grinders, crushing cinnamon to a fine powder in 60 seconds and cumin in 40. The fixed cup doesn’t make it harder to clean because it’s wide enough to allow you to reach inside and thoroughly wipe it down. Plus, no ground spice was ever trapped under the blades. We also appreciate the generous two and a half–foot long cord.

What we didn’t like

 If only the Krups had cord storage, it might be the ultimate spice grinder.

Best Manual Spice Grinder Staub Cast Iron Grinder

Spice grinders don’t get chicer than this. Crafted from black pre-seasoned cast iron and sustainable acacia wood, Staub’s vessel looks like a modern art piece rather than a useful kitchen tool. So it’s certainly an aesthetically pleasing option for anyone seeking a manually operated alternative to the size, noise, and long-term durability issues inherent in electric machines.

Composed of three pieces that nest snugly together, it employs a mortar and pestle-type crushing system – turning the top causes spices and seeds to be compressed and ground around the bottom and sides. The number of turns determines the coarseness of your grind. And the inner cup can be topped with a silicone-sealed lid for attractive storage.

Like a mortar and pestle, the grinder is good for spices like peppercorns and chilies, nuts, and herbs (basically, anything you’d use to make pesto). It’s less efficient when it comes to tougher ingredients like coffee beans. While it technically has a decent capacity, the grinder performs best on small amounts at a time. And needless to say, being manual, using it for long periods can take a bit of a toll on your hands and wrists.

If you’re familiar with cast iron, you know it has special requirements for caring. Staub’s grinder is hand wash only. And it would help if you didn’t even use soap. Wipe down with water, blot with a towel, finish with a light layer of vegetable oil and let air dry.

Prestige PDMG 01 150-Watt Dry Masala Grinder

This prestige dry masala grinder has an elegant design. You will get a fresh aroma of masala and coffee powder using this grinder. It works on a 150-watt power motor. It has a transparent lid and stainless steel jar.

You can grind all kinds of dry masala items, coffee beans, rice, and wheat. You will get a 1-year warranty on the product. It provides a long power cable, and its compact size helps keep it in any small place in the kitchen.

Prestige PDMG 01 is perfect for daily use, and you will get a nice and smooth masala powder. This is one of India’s Best Dry Masala Grinder with a very reasonable price and stylish look.


  • Wattage: 150 watt
  • Stainless steel body
  • Transparent lid
  • Warranty: 1 year
  • Grind: Spices, coffee beans


  • Powerful
  • Compact size
  • Good design
  • Excellent for daily use


  • More noise
  • The container is attached to the base

Glen SA4045G 350-Watt Mini Grinder

Glen SA4045G 350-Watt Mini Grinder is a compact design model. Glen mini grinder is a small, portable masala grinder that works on 350 watts of power. It will grind dry spices and roasted coffee beans. It has a push-button switch, and its blades are made of stainless steel.

Also, this is one of the best turmeric grinders for home. Turmeric is a hard spice, but this grinder will easily grind turmeric and keep it at home for daily use. It is made up of stainless steel body which is rustproof. You can get ultra-fine powder of masala after grinding. Its capacity is quite low as compared to other grinders of 30 grams.


  • Wattage: 350 watt
  • Stainless steel body
  • Transparent lid
  • Warranty: 1 year
  • Grind: Spices, coffee beans


  • Compact size
  • Excellent for daily use


  • Low-Quality Lid
  • Additional bowl not provided

Ascent AS-11MG Dry Masala Coffee Beans Grinder 150W

Best Industrial spice grinder Stainless Steel Electric स्पाइस ग्राइंडर 2022
Best Industrial spice grinder Stainless Steel Electric स्पाइस ग्राइंडर 2022

As AS-11MG Dry Masala/Coffee Beans Grinder is a compact design model. It is good for daily grinding activity. It has stainless steel body and blades. It works on the power of 150 watts and has 50 grams of capacity.

Dry masala and coffee beans are grinders easily, and due to their compact size, they can be stored in any small place in the home. In this grinder, only dry masala can grind, not wet masala. It has only one-speed control.


  • Wattage: 150 watt
  • Stainless steel body
  • Transparent lid
  • Warranty: 1 year
  • Grind: Spices, coffee beans


  • Easy to operate
  • Compact
  • Easy to clean


  • Jar not detachable
  • Only one-speed control
  • Cannot grind wet masala

Which is the best spice grinder?

The Best Spice Grinders for Your Kitchen, According to Chefs

  • Best tried-and-true spice grinder: Cuisinart Electric Spice-and-Nut Grinder.
  • Best secret weapon coffee spice grinder: KitchenAid Blade Coffee Grinder.
  • Best go-to electric spice grinder: KRUPS Silent Vortex Electric Grinder.

What can I use instead of a spice grinder?

Improvise. You can use a mortar and pestle, coffee grinder, smash your spices in a zip-lock bag with a blunt object, or a Microplane grater. Depending on the spices you need, the following are some of the hacks that have worked for me.

Is a spice grinder the same as a coffee grinder?

Spice grinder vs. Coffee grinder: the difference. Spice grinders usually use blades to grind spices and herbs into small pieces, whereas coffee grinders use conical burrs to grind coffee beans into grounds.

Can a coffee grinder be used to grind spices?

You have a few options when you want freshly ground spices at home—for, say, a batch of channa masala. You can get an electric spice grinder or buy a second coffee grinder devoted uniquely to turning whole spices into powder. … You can grind spices in a regular blade coffee grinder without tainting it forever.

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