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KFC Burger Price In India 2023 | KFC Zinger Burger Price

KFC Burger Price In India 2023

KFC is one of the most popular fast food chains in India, and its burgers are a big part of its appeal. But how much do KFC burgers cost in India?

So In this article, we’ll explore the latest KFC burgers prices in India, Starting price of KFC value meal burgers, KFC Offers that include burgers, discounts and much more!

So what to wait for? Let’s start exploring the prices!

KFC Burgers Price In India 2023

The wait is over, here are the prices of KFC Burgers in India:

Classic Zinger Burger₹170Signature chicken burger, veggies & mayo sauce
Classic Zinger Burger with cheese₹191Signature chicken burger, veggies, mayo sauce & cheese
Classic Zinger Box₹2991 Classic Zinger, 2 Hot Wings, 1 Veg Patty & a Chilled Pepsi PET
Veg Zinger Box₹2991 Veg Zinger, 2 Veg Patties & a chilled Pepsi PET
Veg Zinger Burger₹160Signature veg burger with crispy patties, veggies & a tangy sauce
Veg Zinger Burger with cheese₹181Signature veg burger with crispy patties, veggies, a tangy sauce & cheese
Tandoori Zinger Burger₹180Chicken zinger with a tandoori sauce
2 Veg Krisper Burgers₹1382 delicious veg value burgers
2 Chicken Krisper Burgers₹2192 delicious chicken value burgers
Tandoori Zinger Burger with cheese₹201Chicken zinger with a delicious tandoori sauce & cheese
2 Veg Krisper Burgers with cheese₹2612 veg value burgers with cheese
2 Chicken Krisper Burgers with cheese₹2082 chicken value burgers with cheese
2 Double Down Burgers₹4652 signature Double Down Burgers
1 Double Down Burger₹237Burger with delicous sauces & veggies, wrapped in 2 chicken fillets
Double Down [Duo Meal]₹6182 signature Double Down Burgers, Large Fries & a chilled Pepsi PET
Double Down [Solo Meal]₹380Signature Double Down Burger, Medium Fries & a chilled Pepsi Black Can
2 Veg Krispers Meal₹2372 veg value burgers, crispy medium fries & 2 dips
Mixed Zinger Doubles₹309Combo of classic chicken zinger & tandoori zinger
Tandoori Zinger Box₹3131 Tandoori Zinger, 2 Hot Wings, 1 Veg Patty & 1 Pepsi 475ml
Chicken & Krispers Combo₹4992 chicken value burgers combo, 2 Pc Hot & Crispy, 2 dips & a chilled Pepsi PET

What Is The Starting Price Of KFC Value Meal Burger?

Starting price of the KFC Value Meal Burger In India is ₹69, and this price is for the Veg Krisper Burger. It is made with crispy patties, veggies, and a tangy sauce.

And the Chicken Krisper value meal Burger will cost ₹89. It is made with a crunchy chicken fillet, veggies, and mayo sauce.

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Does KFC offer any meal deals that include burgers?

Yes, KFC India offers many meal deals that include burgers. Here are some of the most popular ones:

  • 2 Veg Krisper Meal: This meal includes 2 Veg Krisper Burgers, crispy medium fries, and 2 delicious dips cost Rs. 249.
  • Veg Zinger Box: It includes 1 Veg Zinger, 2 Veg Patties, and a chilled Pepsi PET. It is priced at Rs. 299.
  • Chicken Zinger Meal: This meal has 1 Chicken Zinger Burger, crispy medium fries, and a chilled Pepsi PET. It is priced at Rs. 199.
  • Family Feast: This meal includes 3 Chicken Zingers, medium popcorn, medium fries, and a chilled Pepsi PET 475ml [serves 3]. It is priced at Rs. 828.

These are just a few meal deals that KFC India offers. To check the latest deal, go to the KFC Website or App.

How to Get discount on KFC burgers?

You can get discounts on KFC burgers, Here are some available discounts at KFC:

  • Wednesdays: KFC offers 55% off on snacks on Wednesdays. This includes burgers like the Zinger Burger and the Chicken Little.
  • First-time orders: If you’re a first-time KFC customer, you can get a free Veg Zinger burger with your first order of Rs.499 or more.
  • Coupons: There are often deals for KFC burgers that can be found online and used to save money. Websites like CouponDunia and GrabOn have these deals.
  • Membership: If you become a KFC Rewards member, you can earn points for every purchase you make. These points can then be redeemed for discounts on food, including burgers.

The specific discounts that are available may vary depending on your location. It’s always a good idea to check the KFC website or app before you order to see what discounts are currently available.

What are the best KFC burgers to try?

Personally, These are some of the best KFC Burgers you can try: 

1. Zinger Burger: Great choice if you’re looking for something spicy.
2. Fiery Grilled Chicken Burger: Made with a grilled chicken patty that’s marinated in a fiery sauce.
3. Veggie Zinger Burger: Great option for vegetarians.
4. Double Down Burger: It’s definitely worth trying. 
5. Tower Burger: This burger is a great value for money.

Conclusion: KFC Burger Price

In conclusion, There are many Burger choices on the KFC Menu. You can see how much KFC burgers cost on the list above so that you can choose and adjust your budget correctly.

Generally, KFC Burger Prices in India are serious and affordable, which makes it available to a lot of customers. The price list for your favourite KFC burger is always accurate and up to date on our website, so you won’t have to worry about paying too much for it.

If you have any queries or suggestions about this article, comment down below!

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